How To Choosing Your Wedding Bands

entertainChoosing music for your wedding day can play a big part on how your wedding guests enjoy your wedding day. From string quartets to discos, entertainment is a vital part of a wedding and often takes up a big part of the event.

1. The first stage of ensuring your party gets going with a swing is checking with your venue that is has an entertainment license. It would be also a good idea to find out if there is a sufficient power supply for any entertainment/sound systems and whether there are noise level restrictions that must be adhered to.

2. Once you have got the go ahead from your venue, you are ready to make that exciting choice. Firstly, make sure that you meet the entertainers before hiring them, if possible go and see them in a live performance before the wedding. Before hiring a DJ, check to make sure that they will allow you to choose some of your own tunes.

3. Post ceremony at your welcome reception it is traditional to have some form of light entertainment, such as a harpist, small jazz band for easy listening or a sting quartet. Their music should be light enough to appeal to a varied age group and not too loud so it overwhelms the conversation.

4. When you are selecting your day time music, bear in mind your surroundings, for example a classic sting quartet might seem rather out of place in a modern hotel, but perfect in a stately home. Practicality and budget do lay an important part also, the more musicians the more money, so stick to duos or trios if you want to lower the cost. If you are planning to hire live entertainers, make sure you know exactly how long they will play for and how long the breaks are. Most musicians won’t play for hours on end, a pianist or a quartet will probably play between two and fours hours at the very most.

5. For a really modern bridal party, you could ask your guests with I Pods to create a personal tp ten play list for your reception and then ask the DJ to plug them into his computer and play them throughout the night. This creates a very personal touch and it is also fun guessing who created which play list. However you should check with the DJ that he has the correct equipment before involving your guests.

6. When the evening arrives, provide your guests with the wow factor by setting up a mobile casino, complete with roulette wheels, a black jack and fake money. If gambling is not your thing then how about hiring some professional ball room dancers to teach your party some moves, or if you really want to go for it, you could hire some fair ground rides.

7. A caricaturist is a fun option and also provides a cartoon for guests to take home. A magician is also great choice, they can move from table to table entertaining your guests between courses at the wedding breakfast. If you venue has plenty of grounds, you can hire some games such as connect four or jenga so guests can play before or after the meal, or perfect on that summer day lawn, a game of croquet

8. By the time night falls your party should be in full swing and you will want to keep up the atmosphere going, so your choice of entertainment is important.

9. A disco is one of the most obvious and popular choices for an evening function. If you can hire a DJ that will play a range of music from difference eras you will be a winner.

10. Other fun ideas for night time include a Karaoke, which is great fun and gets everyone involved, old and young or a live band, Tribute bands are quite popular you can hire ones such as Abba or Queen and you won’t be able to stop your gets singing along.

The start of the evening is usually kicked off by the first dance. Get your bridal party to act out the dance moves to these cool routines. It’s fun, and will certainly avoid the traditional first dance, make a statement about you and about your wedding.

  • Michael Jackson – Thriller
  • Dirty dancing – I have had the time of my life
  • Start with the Waltz and end it doing Break dancing
  • C Hammer – Hammer time
  • Shaken Stevens-Crazy little thing call love