Top Tips For Brides Booking Their Honeymoon

Most honeymooners are interested in doing a twin centre honeymoon where they may go want one ‘active’ week eg a safari in Africa; Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu, Peru; soaking up the culture in a European city – followed by a week relaxing on a beach at the end.

Honeymoon AsiaExsus recommends that honeymooners consider doing the relaxation part of their holiday first and the active part second; many forget that following the excitement and adrenalin of their wedding day, actually they will be pretty exhausted emotionally and physically after it is all over and a few days winding down on a beach is just the tonic they need.  The last thing they will really want to do is get up at 5am for several days and go on safari.

Here are some links to some sample Exsus honeymoons that take in the beach first and adventure second.  These are just ideas, all Exsus honeymoons and holidays are totally tailormade from scratch:

  • Thai Chill and Cambodian Culture – Asia
  • Tanzania Discovery – Africa
  • Beach, Culture and Jungle – Mexico

Another top tip, would be to make sure your holiday company, flight and hotels you stay in are aware you are on honeymoon right from the outset.  Many hotels and airlines offer complimentary extras for honeymooners such as bottles of Champagne, room upgrades, even complimentary dinners – so we recommend you make the most of the perks.  The Exsus team alwaysdo their utmost to secure the best possible extras for their honeymooners.

Exsus believes is important is to ensure both bride and groom incorporate their individual passions and interests into their holiday; there should be something they both love to do. Not only will this help to ensure their honeymoon is one of the best holidays they’ve ever had, it will also encourage them to compromise – the key to any successful marriage!

For couples to consider doing a Honeymoon Gift List.  This works particularly well for couples who have been together for some time, who have already got all the LeCreuset dishes they need!  An Exsus honeymoon Gift List enables you to receive additional funding for your honeymoon, allowing you to add on excursions such as Champagne breakfast hot air balloon rides and upgrades to the very best rooms with a view.

Visit Exsus Honeymoon Gift List to plan you luxury honeymoon.