Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Gift List

There are very few times in your life when you get given loads of lovely  presents.   Your Wedding is one of them! Don’t feel embarrassed by this  but rather enjoy being spoilt by those that wish to treat you.

People will buy you presents, whether you ask for them or not, so better  that it be something to your taste and something you have chosen! 80% of  people will buy a present from gift list if directed to one.

Carlyle Room Set by Lilac Blue Weddings
Carlyle Room Set by Lilac Blue Weddings

Not everyone has the same budget so remember to cater for all price  brackets. It’s worth thinking about both ends of the expenditure spectrum and making sure your list is kept stocked up with your favorite things. We would recommend having gifts starting at £15 up to over £100.

Ensure there is plenty of variety — this allows your guests to feel  they are selecting a gift that really suits them and that is therefore  more personal.

People tend to prefer buying tangible presents; something for longevity.  Don’t have too many ‘contributions to…’.

Don’t forget to include fun items that you may not consider buying for yourself. Lasting gifts become memories of your day — think of things that will add pleasure to your marital home for years to come.

Lilac Blue Weddings provides a personal, luxury wedding list service allowing couples to mix exclusive and tasteful wedding gifts with less usual gift ideas from a huge selection of suppliers … the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Our aim is to bring together the finest gifts — fun, practical, luxury and inspirational — and to provide you with a very personal service that is second to none whilst allowing you the freedom to manage your list from home in what spare time you have left.

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