Understated Elegance Is the Perfect Mix For A Modern Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton arriving at Westminister Abbey
Kate Middleton arriving at Westminister Abbey

One of the things that endeared many of us to Catherine and William’s special day, was that, amongst all the pomp and traditions of a royal wedding, lay several themes of simplicity, so reflective of today’s modern young couples.  We take a look at some of the ways that brides and grooms can emulate such understated elegance on their big day.

Poise and Composure

As every girl in the world watched Kate Middleton with bated breath and apprehension, observing each move for telltale signs of the nerves and pressure that she must have been feeling that day, it never came.  Kate was the epitomy of composure and displayed every pre-requisite not only for the occasion but for a future Queen.  The lack of ‘bride-zilla’ was refreshing, the relaxed smiles – relaxed us! The noticeable deportment and the faultless transfer from hotel, to car, to church and then back, made us all want to sit up straight and act like a lady.  Take a look at our interview with Michelle Paradise of The Bridal Coach, to see how you too, can walk down the aisle like a princess.

Clean lines and Natural Surroundings

Clean lines and Natural Surroundings

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Classic Vintage Style

Whilst Prince William was held to tradition in his uniform of colonel of the Irish Guards and Royal Air Force Wings, Kate was allowed more freedom in her choice of style Amidst the regal surroundings, Kate’s classic vintage inspired dress looked stunning.  Designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, it had a lace appliqué bodice, skirt and veil.  It was the veil that had us mesmerised, so delicate, that it fell perfectly around the bride’s face – clearly not resurrected from grandma’s net curtains!

Classic Vintage Style Vintage Aston Martin Volante
Vintage Aston Martin Volante

Her hair was worn in a sophisticated ‘Demi Chignon’ and of course the crowning glory to this vintage look was the Queen’s ‘halo’ tiara made by Cartier in 1936 and lent to Catherine for the day. Aside from the attire, in true retro style, Prince William drove his bride out of Buckingham Palace in his father’s vintage Aston Martin Volante in Seychelles Blue and originally purchased in 1969 for Prince Charles 21st birthday.  For a similar touch of class to end the day, visit classic car hire.

And finally…”Her Royal Hotness”

Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton

As dubbed in so many of the papers the next day, Pippa Middleton’s gorgeous, slim figure caught every male (and female’s!) roving eye.  Her simple but again, understated elegance was effortlessly displayed as she assisted Kate with her train.  Her slender figure would not have come without some hard work however and we’re suspecting that she did some serious lunges to achieve her much talked about ‘pert behind’.  If you’re thinking of wowing everyone with a new look, take a look at the Body Doctor for a fitness regime that will get you trim and healthy in no time.

In conclusion, it was the little touches that made this wedding so memorable and individual to royal weddings of the past.  The bride and her family were calm and collected and for all the grandeur of the occasion, it didn’t feel ostentatious.  The underlying confidence of the now, Duchess of Cambridge, spoke volumes in how to shine at your wedding naturally.

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