Top Tips For Selecting Your Wedding Favours

Every bride is always looking for inspiration, looking for fresh ideas, searching for that elusive Eureka! that will make her wedding stand out from the crowd, be truly individual and show her family, guests, and husband-to-be how much she loves and values them, and what a truly special milestone her wedding is for her.

Apart from her dress and bouquet, the obvious way to set her wedding apart is in the decoration of the tables and the room where the wedding lunch or supper is being held. Clare often tell brides when they ask her about using our lovely crackers, that they provide the real ‘intake of breath’ moment, the Wow! when the guests see the tables ….. let’s face it, they’ve just been to a beautiful church or venue, seen a gorgeous bride, flowers and bridesmaids, and the dinner setting could so easily seem tame afterwards.

Froufrou & Thomas wedding crackers continue the excitement of the day, they are totally unexpected, themed to the wedding, and above all, fun! They make people interact – you can’t pull a cracker on your own! – and set the mood for the rest of the wedding.

Unique Wedding Favours
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Clare’s top tips for choosing wedding crackers or wedding favours:

1. Choose a base colour that is part of your overall theme, and spice it up with a colour from say a detail on the wedding dress, the bridal bouquet or flowers on the tables – it doesn’t have to be too obvious.

2. Always include a love trivia card, these are invaluable for breaking the ice at tables where guests do not know each other.

3. Let your crackers and favours double up as place name settings by tying a name tag on them – this will leave your tables less cluttered and looks good too.

4. Don’t try too hard with your favours – they just need to look really good, and be fun.

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