Top Tips From One Of The UK's Top Interior Stylists

Hints and tips from one of the UK’s top interior stylists on how to transform your premarital home into a calming oasis

The run up to your big day is always going to be stressful, you want everything to be perfect – from guest lists to seating plans to the dress, the list is endless. And after a stressful day of wedding planning there is nothing worse than coming home to a shabby living space.

As they say, a tidy house is a tidy mind which is absolutely imperative when managing the ‘wedmin’. However, creating a beautiful home is made even more difficult with trends forever changing. And what if you and your husband-to-be have very different ideas when it comes to home decor?

The good news is that there are quick and simple things you can do, to transform your living space without having to re-plaster your walls or shell out for a new carpet. When it comes to design it is all about the finishing touches which complete a room and pull features together. Through a few simple steps, you can bring out your own individual style but also incorporate your partner’s style too.

No one knows this more than interior stylist Maxine Brady, who with her handy guide will share with you a few tips for refreshing the rooms in your home. Through quality touches, sumptuous natural fabrics and looking out for the Cotton USA trademark, you can transform your living space in to a marital bliss haven.

Maxine Brady
Maxine Brady

Maxine’s top tips:
1. Try mixing and matching layers of bed linens in gorgeous soft unisex pastel shades. Not only is the look bang on trend but it makes your room really cosy and you’ll want nothing more than to snuggle up in a comfy room.

2. Natural fabrics are a ‘must have’ for the bedroom. This room is a luxurious area – you spend a lot of time in there so you want it to be a fabulous, sumptuous space to be in.

3. Scented candles are brilliant for adding beautiful warm fragrances to your rooms but they can also help you both unwind and even when unlit they help decorate a room.

4. Don’t fret if your home has small rooms! You can buy large mirrors and carefully place them so they reflect the space and make a small room look bigger. Mirrors are a low-cost way of making a big difference to a room.

5. Invest in a towel radiator, not only will it keep your bathroom warm, but you can also use it to show off your new towels. There are stylish and trendy towel radiators on the market and they can also help you save space in your bathroom.

6. Who says flowers should only be in the kitchen and living room? Try placing fragrant flowers like hyacinths in your bathroom; they help give your bathroom a pretty natural smell and bring gorgeous vibrant colours to a small space.

For more of Maxine’s tips read her guide to out how to transform your living space here –