Top Nutritionist Helps Brides Become More Radiant

Organic vegetarian chef Natasha Corrett and nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson created Honestly Healthy a brand of ‘food with your body in mind’ – with a mission to make alkaline eating a way of life. Here, Vicki explains how alkaline eating can help brides-to-be look and feel great ahead of their big day.

Natasha adds: ‘Eating more alkaline foods can help you sleep better, feel brighter, keep your memory focused for the all important vows and provide you with more energy’.


Healthy Eating Before Your Wedding
Healthy Eating Before Your Wedding

1 Rather than starving yourself to lose any excess weight, choose instead to follow an alkaline eating plan; as well as keeping you trim this will provide you with boundless energy and keep your mind focussed. The body performs well when in an alkaline state (the pH of the blood is 7.35-7.45), which means eating predominantly vegetarian foods that are more alkaline in nature such as avocado, leafy green vegetables, grains such as lentils and quinoa, fatty fish, most nuts and berries, white and green tea, beetroot and tomatoes.

2 Start each day with a cup of hot water and lemon – though acidic in taste it is alkaline once broken down, it will aid your digestion.
Add plenty of alkaline raw vegetables to your meagre lettuce leaf salads to ensure you have a wider range of nutrients whilst dropping those extra pounds.

3 Add the full spectrum of the rainbow to your plate – aubergines, peppers (all colours), tomatoes, courgettes, all types of green beans, and a generous sprinkling of nuts and seeds to provide added protein.

4 Improve your skin dramatically by going alkaline – research has been shown to significantly change the texture and tone of your skin when switching from the typical acid-forming meat, dairy and processed foods diet to a more ‘as nature intended’ vegetables and wholegrains approach which is more alkaline in the body.

5 Add lustre to your hair for the most important day of your life by eating more olives and olives oil, and experimenting with Argan, hazelnut and avocado oils in your salad dressings – all contain alkaline sources of those oh-so-important essential fatty acids that are often missing in a low-fat, no-fat regime.

Honestly Healthy has recently launched Cleanse; a delicious weekly ‘fridge fill’ delivered to your home to help alkalise and revitalise your body.

From £135 Honestly Healthy offer two levels of intensity; CLEANSE and CLEANSE LIFESTYLE. Both levels include tasty dishes, drinks and snacks such as Pear kale fennel & broccoli juice; Soya yogurt with homemade pecan granola; Watercress & pumpkin salad with a finely chopped vegetable & nutty falafel; Soba noodle salad with courgette & carrot noodles dressed with a sweet miso sauce and smoked tofu sautéed in tamarind as well as Artichoke & sumac dip with roasted cumin potato skins.

The food will help you naturally get rid of toxins leaving you in a balanced state to lose weight the healthy way. Cleanse is ideal for Brides-to-be in preparation for their big day.

Melissa Odebash – bikini guru – said: ‘Honestly Healthy’s chef Natasha’s cooking is so delicious, I just can’t believe it has no naughty things in it! I can eat till my heart’s content and still look great in my bikinis!”

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