Velcro Sleep In Rollers The Fashion Accessory

Velcro Sleep In Rollers : My sleep in rollers arrived today and I can not wait to try them out tonight before going bed.

After seeing photographs of Amy Childs, Coleen Rooney, Danielle Lloyd, and many more including the cast of TOWIE in these big pink rollers,  I wanted to see for myself if they really do work.

Velcro Sleep In Rollers
Velcro Sleep In Rollers

Launched just eight months ago, Sleep-In Rollers have taken the beauty and grooming industry by storm proving the originals are always the best! Realizing just how many girls were sleeping in their rollers in pain and having no time to wear them in the day, they saw a massive gap in the market for gorgeous, comfortable and practical rollers, thus Sleep-In Rollers were born.  Women have been suffering for years trying to sleep whilst wearing rollers – well no more! 

Velcro Sleep In Rollers
Latest Fashion Accessory Velcro Sleep In Rollers

Sleep-In Rollers are a fashion accessory in 2012 British girls are now wearing them in public and are proud to show off their pink pre-prep hair routine. Fashionable, effective and affordable, Sleep-In Rollers are only £16.50 for 20 rollers which come inside a complimentary pink drawstring bag to carry your rollers around in style available from for just£16.50 free postage and packing.

I found them pretty straight forward to put in my hair, and they flatten like a sponge when you lay down.  Sleeping in them took a bit of getting used to, but well worth it when you take them out and see the results of your big and bouncy hair. I would highly recommend you go get a set for yourself.