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Vera Wang – Fall Winter 2016/2017 Full Fashion Show

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  1. Beth Nicely says

    This whole line is horrifying and the shoes are criminal. The models should
    have held a unified protest.

  2. sevastian senior D las tijeras says

    increíblemente hermoso

  3. Marion Gran Bruheim says

    Interesting pieces, overall somewhat dark and gloomy. The show, that is.
    Dreary music doesn’t help. But, hey! Everything’s not black, they’re
    wearing underwear under the see-through garments, kind of, and the
    stilts…I mean shoes, add a bit suspense to it all. Now where, or rather
    when, do I wear my sleeveless fur dress… [6:16]

  4. Alexander Rocha says

    I love how much taller Molly is than the other models lol

  5. Marc there says

    She is trying very hard, but somehow, in total, it does not work out

  6. Stephanie Russell says

    what’s up with all the straight jacket straps ? it was okay on the first
    look but now… show some diversity. I really liked the black suit sets

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