Naturally beautiful wedding candles

Candles are an enchanting way to create ambience for your venue that adds class & elegance to the occasion.  Alesia Barry has an inspiring collection of wedding candles, Exquisitely embellished with Swarovski Crystals.

Wedding Candle Favours by Alesia Barry
Image Courtesy of Alesia Barry

At Alesia Barry, they are committed to producing beautiful products to enhance your wedding experience without negatively impacting on the Planet’s natural resources.

It is for this reason that they exclusively use natural soy & vegetable waxes in all of our products along with recycled or recyclable packaging wherever possible.

The giving of a gift as a thank you to your wedding guests is a time honoured tradition and with our wedding candle favours, a scented reminder of your special day.

Favours is considered to be one of the most important wedding accessories needed to celebrate the occasion.

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