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The Best Way to Choose a Wedding Gift

Wedding gift lists do tend to be regarded with mixed emotions by those on the receiving end: many welcome them as it gives them some idea what to get the happy couple; others look on wedding gift lists as an anathema, something slightly short of offensive, as if it is an affront that a couple due to get married could have the affront to expect the guests to bring anything in the way of a wedding gift to the wedding. This latter view does seem to be a rather naive way of looking at matters – after all, very few wedding guests would turn up without a present for the bride and groom so why not get them something they need rather than something, it may later turn out, that they don’t?

Beyond Weddings Gift List Service

Wedding Gift List

Anathema or not, a wedding gift list has hugely practical applications – not least to prevent the newly married couple ending up with a dozen toasters, half a dozen irons and more ironing boards than they could through the week’s laundry at. One of the more enjoyable tasks for prospective bride and groom, when planning their wedding, is compiling a wedding gift list – attempting to categorise the kind of gifts necessary to set up their new home. While it’s true that many guests would prefer to choose something more individual or would specifically choose something not on the wedding gift list, the majority of guests welcome the wedding gift list as they can be sure then that the bride and groom are going to appreciate that present.

There tends to be two kinds of wedding gift lists: those compiled by the bride and groom personally and those that is dealt with by a department store chosen by the bride and groom. More recently, and giving far more scope, is the online wedding gift lists that could still involve a wedding gift list put together by the bride and groom who indicate which online stores their guests can obtain the happy couple’s personal choice of gifts from.

List Prepared by Bride and Groom

Naturally if the bride and groom have chosen a specific colour, model or design they need to incorporate these details into the wedding gift list. Once the wedding invitations have been sent out, the wedding gift list needs to be ready to be viewed by anybody who asks to see it. As each guest chooses an item from the list the item is crossed off and returned to the prospective couple in readiness for the next person who requests it.

List Organised by Designated Store

Many of the large stores provide a wedding gift list service. Basically, the bride and groom make up their wedding gift list from the items stocked in their chosen store. This may be House of Fraser, or M & S, John Lewis, Debenhams or one of the other department stores: most of these large stores operate this kind of service. The service itself involves the store actually managing the list on behalf of the couple, with details to give to the guests how to choose a gift using their services.

If a wedding gift is chosen online, in store, or over the telephone, the store ensures this item is crossed off the list and the item put aside for the bride and groom. Once the newly married couple have returned from honeymoon they will receive information from the store, revealing what has been purchased and by whom to ensure the thank you letters reach the right person.

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