Top UK Wedding Castles

From the time your engagement is announced, you need to be thinking about where you would like to marry.  Selecting a wedding venue is an important decision that will be influenced by your lifestyle, personality and budget.  On the wedding day, it will be the addition of your personal touches and creative flourishes to the ceremony and reception that will set your wedding apart from the others.

Top UK Wedding CastlesSo why not choose one of England’s finest Wedding Castles for your wedding day?  The wedding castle you choose can dictate the formality of a wedding as well as set the overall mood.  Selecting a wedding castle will also make other stylistic decisions fall into place.  You may choose to take certain elements of the castle, say one with a beautiful rose garden, and build on that idea, incorporating a rose theme into your invitation, wedding programmes and even wedding favours that you give to your wedding guests.

To help you decide on which wedding castle to choose for your wedding day, here are some of the Englands finest  wedding castles:

Highcliffe Castle in Dorset, Hever Castle in Kent, Bickleigh Castle in Devon, Guthrie Castle in Scotland, Dundas Castle in Scotland, Birkhill Castle in Scotland and Langley Castle in  Northumberland.

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