Wedding Dresses by Top Designers – Part 1

oscar de la renta browns bridal
Oscar de la Renta from Browns Bride – London

Take a look at any website devoted to wedding dress designers and you are going to have a couple of columns of top names to choose from, all of which produce wedding dresses by the top designers. It’s a subjective search anyway, with the bride tending to choose her bridal gown according to its style, price, fabric as well as the designer. Personally, one of my favourites is the Exclusives’ Collection by Kleinfield-Pnina Tornai, especially the butter-cream sheath, dripping with lace and beading [Style No. 31800097] that looks an absolute dream to wear if you are tall enough to carry it off.

This brings me to another point. Many of these top designers make wedding gowns to fit tall ladies but, in the real world, many brides are more petite and are unable to do full justice to some of the loveliest creations as their height prevents them from carrying off many of these wedding dresses by the top designers.

Kleinfield-Pnina Tornai In an article devoted to discussing wedding dresses by the top designers, Kleinfield-Pnina has to be included – not, I might say, because her designs are so exemplary but because she acknowledges that the real woman is going to be wearing her creations and she takes this into account when producing wedding dresses to be sold: they are created to be worn.

Pnina Tornai, top designer for Kleinfield of Manhattan also creates beautiful, sexy wedding dresses for the Plus size bride, encouraging the fabric to gently drape to flatter the bride’s figure rather than disguise it – that is the true art that should be aspired to by top designers. When it comes to wedding dresses by the top designers, Kleinfield-Pnina Tornai can design a unique and exquisite gown for you, costing somewhere in the region of $20,000. For a wedding boutique such as Kleinfield’s, this is an absolute bargain since many of the bridal gowns being sold from this store cost more than $30,000 per gown.

Designers Chosen by the Stars
There has been quite a glut of celebrity weddings over the past couple of years, each choosing a different designer, from Oscar de la Renta, to Nicolas Ghesquiere who designs for Balenciaga, both of whom produce completely different styles. The designer, Vera Wang, is the choice of a number of celebrities – brides such as Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez and Avril Lavigne. Christina Aguilera, meanwhile went completely traditional in a gown by Christian Lacroix.


Avril Lavigne, who tied the knot in July 2006, really summed up the whole ethos of brides choosing wedding dresses by the top designers:

“….I’ve been dreaming about my wedding day since I was a little girl. I have to wear the white dress…I wanted to be a princess, okay?”
Essentially, Avril Lavigne has summed up the dreams of many brides, all across the world. This is their special day. They want to have one day in their lives when they live the dream, just for a single day and, to choose their wedding dresses by the top designers, if the bride can afford to do so, just makes her bridal gown all that more special.

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