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5 Star Weddings finds out all about luxury Italian wedding favours by The Favour Gallery.  Giuseppe Trerotoli, Managing Director has bespoke wedding favours are all “Made by Hand”. They are elegant and sophisticated, and your guests will be delighted to see their gift harbouring Sweet Italian Almonds or mouth-watering Chocolate Dragees.  They are a wonderful alternative to the wedding favour box and make gorgeous table decorations.

5 Star Weddings: What wedding favours are currently proving to be most popular for 2011/12?

Bespoke Wedding favoursThe Favour Gallery:Vintage is huge for us this year. It’s a look which is extremely romantic, elegant and sophisticated. Many brides are opting for neutral shades such as ivory, golds, white and beige. All of our favours have so much detail that even in these shades, they are wonderful.

Bespoke Wedding Favours5 Star Weddings: What can a bride and groom get from The Favour Gallery that they wouldn’t be able to receive elsewhere?

The Favour Gallery: In one word, “Quality” both in product and service. All of our favours are totally handmade by a dedicated team of highly skilled ladies in a beautiful town in the mountains of Italy. When a couple initially make contact with us, it’s usually to request favour samples and fabric swatches to coordinate with a colour scheme.

From there, the process starts. All of our staff at The Favour Gallery are 100% committed to give the best possible wedding favour “experience”. We send out hundreds of samples and swatches every month and are always delighted to help couples to decide on designs. As all our favours are made to order, we can make adjustments on most aspects of a particular favour. We can make them larger, smaller, change little details such as ribbons etc or swap the traditional sugared almond fillings for almond shaped chocolate dragees. By using the Favour Gallery couples can have a really unique wedding favour.

5 Star Weddings: What three wedding favours would you personally choose to add if it was your wedding and why?

The Favour Gallery: My wife and I absolutely adore the Orchidea Segnaposto – we love it to much that it is used on most of the artwork for The Favour Gallery. It is a simple design, but stunning. It looks fabulous in bright tropical colours. My second favourite is “Giglio Velo” in white and this is because I actually did have this one at my wedding. These favours have very long stems.

They were placed across our guests dinner plates and even 9 years on, when I go to friends houses, I see they have kept the favours from my wedding in a vase. It’s so nice to see that they didn’t end up left on the tables at the end of the reception. Our guests actually took them home and kept them. My 3rd favourite is “Nuvola Raso”. It is a luxurious satin rose with sugared almonds concealed inside. Guests must be so surprised when they discover confectionery in their favours.

The Favour Gallery5 Star Weddings: How far in advance should the bride and groom book wedding favours?

The Favour Gallery: All of our favours are handmade to order. The process takes around 6 weeks from order to delivery. Saying this, we have had anxious brides calling us in the past… they have been surfing the net for pleasure or reading a wedding magazine, seen our favours just weeks before their big day, decided that the favours they already have are terrible and want us to work miracles. As I mentioned before, we really do try to pull out all the stops for our customers. We can normally wave our magic wand and get the bride exactly what she wants – and have even fulfilled an order to South Africa in under two weeks.

Wedding Favours5 Star Weddings: Is there any particular favours that has become unusually popular?

The Favour Gallery: We have had a number of orders this summer for “Grappolo Uva” – which is a wonderful bunch of grapes made from sugared almonds or chocolate dragees. It can be displayed from the rim of a wine glass or champagne flute and it really adds that something special to wedding reception tables. It is a very unique favour which both male and female guests appreciate.

Unique Wedding Favours5 Star Weddings: What’s the most elaborate wedding you have provided wedding favours for?

The Favour Gallery: Oh, it has to be the wedding of the daughter of a South African Wine Baron. The favours were a last minute, huge order for us. The wedding was a very formal affair, lots of flowers, lots of detail, everything had to be perfect.

A few months after that wedding, we had a stand at the Designer Wedding Show in London and a lady came in to speak to us, she was one of the guests at the wedding, which was held in South Africa and she made a point of coming to us to say how exquisite the favours had looked on the tables on the day and how all the guests had marvelled over them. It was really nice that she had recognised our favours as being the ones at her friends wedding.

Vintage Wedding Favours5 Star Weddings: If you could provide a wedding favours for anyone’s wedding, whose would it be and what would you anticipate they’d choose?

The Favour Gallery: It would have to be for the lady of the moment, Pippa Middleton. I think she would choose something very upmarket such as “Bouquet Plumetti”. It is beautiful and very neat in design. It also sits wonderfully on a dinner or side plate. My wife chose this design in baby blue for our sons Baptism. Pippa is not getting married yet though… we might be in luck in the future.

Italian Wedding Favours5 Star Weddings: Do you get any unusual requests for wedding favours in general?

The Favour Gallery: Not really. Our clients tend to come to us as they want traditional favours. They are not looking for wacky designs. Saying that, we do get requests for an array of colours. Sometimes I think colour combinations which are requested may look dreadful, but then couples will send through photos to us after their wedding and its then that I can see what the couple were trying to achieve. It’s really nice when we can see our favours in situ on a clients actual wedding day.

Flower Wedding Favors5 Star Weddings:Are you able to give an indication of your average starting cost for your wedding favours?

The Favour Gallery: Yes. Our favours start at £1.70 each.

Wedding Favour Tips5 Star Weddings: What, in your opinion, makes a 5 Star Wedding?

The Favour Gallery: Less is definitely more. Sometimes I think people can really go way over the top. I think that keeping things simple with the odd beautiful touch here and there is much nicer than going extravagant with every single detail. Let guests have fun too. Don’t get bogged down with the speeches. Eat delicious food and then party.. but then I am Italian, so that’s how we do it there!

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