How Bold Will You Go On Your Wedding Flowers?

Just like interiors, flowers are influenced by the catwalk and we are seeing a big trend towards using colour in floral arrangements, in particular bouquets. Our fashion forward Brides are getting more adventurous and  at Sweet Pea they can’t get enough of it. So whether it’s bold accents of coral, pretty ice cream hues or muted vintage tones, the question is; how bold will you go?

  • A splash of colour….

Using splashes of coral is really popular now; it’s a clever way of injecting this punchy on-trend colour to your scheme. This look works best when you add accents of coral to a fresh palette. Take care to use it sparingly though, coral is a firecracker and can be overpowering. The best flower to use for this trend is the stunning peony Coral Sunset.

Tip: turquoise ribbon makes this combination sing.

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  • Sorbets

If you loved Louis Vuitton’s ice cream hues then make friends with the Sweet Avalanche rose. This gorgeous blush pink rose is the focus flower for this trend. It’s perfect on it’s own or mixed with vanilla roses. The key here is simplicity, choose no more than 3 colours and keep the shapes domed.

Tip: Keep foliage to a minimum.

Luxury Wedding Flowers
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  • Soft muted Vintage tones….

If you’re not comfortable using colour, then adding the soft, muted tones of the Vintage trend may be more to your liking. The Vintage trend has taken hold but achieving it elegantly without going down the shabby-chic route is a delicate balancing act.

The trick is to focus on the vintage colour palette rather than country-style, informal shapes. Add tea-stained tones, dusky pinks or faded lilacs to cream.
Growers have responded well to this trend and there are plenty of roses in this colour scheme to choose from, with the Amnesia rose still the most popular. If you like a more blowsy shape, then opt for garden roses or if in season, peonies. Simplicity is key, so let the colours do the talking and keep foliage to a minimum.

Tip: If your dress is lace, tea-stained, muted roses are a match.

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