Classic goes bollywood on your wedding day

What better way to pass the time on a Friday afternoon than to arrange some of 2010’s biggest Bollywood hits?

In fact Tere Liye from hit movie The Prince is quite difficult to find online in sheet music form, so the only way my upcoming Bollywood Bride could have her favourite song for her groom’s big entrance, was if I specially arranged it. Its so important that the music on your wedding day be absolutely personal to you.

Wedding Hapist
Harp of Aisling Ennis

Not everyone is willing to painstakingly arrange music especially for clients. It is a lot easier to send off a list and expect people to take it at face value. More and more people are looking to individualise their wedding music. For the Bollywood harpist, this is no easy task because the latest Bollywood hits are very difficult to acquire.

How does this arranging happen exactly? Well, through the wonderful virtues of Youtube. That’s right! So, if you want a harpist for your wedding and have all your favourite youtube clips ready to go, then Aisling is more than happy to arrange these for you on concert harp by listening (over and over!) and notating down the exact music from the recording of your choice.

For more information on how you can have your favourite Bollywood Hit on your wedding day, contact Aisling.