Get Your Body In Balance for Your Wedding Day

Get Your Body In Balance for Your Wedding DayWe thought you might like to watch this video where fitness expert Angie Newson will explain and demonstrate simple movements, which can aid digestive health and help your wedding day to run smoothly.

The run up to your big day is always going to be stressful, you want everything to be perfect – from guest lists to seating plans to the dress; the list is endless.

If you have ever felt like your stomach is in knots or filled with butterflies when you are stressing over the big day, then you are more than aware of the power that your mind has over the rest of your body and it has been argued that digestive problems are aggravated by stress levels.

When we think of digestive health, we immediately think about healthy eating, but there are also other ways to help ensure your insides are healthy and happy.

Our bodies are designed to move every day so it is when we are sedentary, that intestinal problems may occur. Gentle daily movement combined with a healthy diet can reduce tension and stress, as well as increase energy levels and enhance our feeling of well-being and peace.

Regardless of your shape, size or age, incorporating simple movement and exercises into your lifestyle can help you improve your overall health and ease discomfort. Renowned movement and fitness expert Angie Newson has helped to develop the Life in Rhythm plan on behalf of Imodium, which includes simple everyday movements to help you improve your digestive health.