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Weddings At The Icetank London


Last week a group of London’s premier event suppliers joined forces for #Tanked.

#Tanked was an event for the wedding industry was held in Covent Garden’s trendy West End Icetank Studio.

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Their sister company Simply Bars by Light Motif provided all bars and a glitter jazz DJ booth for the evening’s entertainment, a DJ from Sternberg Clarke.

Wildabout Flowers designed a suspended floral ceiling and striking arrangements throughout the venue. Caterers Purple Grape served up whiskey cocktails, an array of canapés and the popular marshmallow delights for those with a sweet tooth.

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Megabooth, the photobooth specialists kept guests entertained as ever with a fancy dress photo-shoot. Velvet Living creating furniture clusters for guests to lounge upon.

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During the wedding showcase, wedding planners and bloggers were engaged with The Paper Girls hosting a master class giving guests the opportunity to create their own Valentines Day cards and invites. Luxury wedding dress designer Andrea Hawkes put on her showcase of her most recent collection for the Wedding in a Tank crowd.

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To add to the interactivity of the afternoon, Wildabout Flowers taught individuals how to make their own bespoke beautiful floral headpieces.    The event provided guests with the perfect opportunity to catch up and mingle after the Christmas and New Year break.

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The event was a great success with lots of social media engagement and such a positive response to the combined contribution of all suppliers.

  • For more info please contact Light Motif on 0207 1835381 or the Icetank on 020 7240 4600.
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