Your Wedding Made Simple – KISS!

wedding day made simpleWe all want a wedding of our dreams, so I thought I would let you have a few words of advice on the simple things to make sure that you can cross them off your “to-do list”.

Do have a wet weather plan for the day. Keep a supply of umbrellas handy and ask the hotel what happens if you can’t have your summer reception on the lawn.

If you are having a marquee, do consider the average temperature of the time of year. No one will appreciate any of your unique, lovingly planned details if they are freezing cold, and heaters may be your best investment yet.

Ask everyone who will need electricity on the day for their requirements. They should give them to you either watts or amps. If you are holding your reception in a marquee, a generator either as your main supply or as an emergency would be a good idea.

Dont run out of drinks! Here is a quick guide to help you. there are six flutes to one 750ml bottles of champagne; five medium glasses to one 750ml bottle of wine. Allow two glasses per person before the meal and three during the meal. Don’t forget the champagne for the toast!

Ask the best man and the groom to carry their mobile phones, before the wedding so you can get hold of them with any last-minute questions or changes of plan.

Make sure your caterers, florist, cake designer knows the exact location of the wedding venues and are aware of the date and time to arrive.

One last word of advice, you should both walk through the day as you see it unfold and in the eyes of your guests and see if anything you need to add to your special day, KISS.