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Perfect Pre-Wedding Fitness

I have just been trying out the all new video game Zumba Fitness Rush Exclusive to Xbox Kinect.  Hearing so much from my friends that Zumba in a class already, I was excited to give this a try in my own home.

Zumba Fitness Rush
Zumba Fitness Rush

You can select any of the 42 songs that you would like to work out to. Each song that you choose comes with a unique dance style, and a unique venue workout location.  From a New York Night Club, to Bollywood, to Las Vagas you certainly will never get board of looking at the screen.  I loved the graphics on the game and the dance instructors were very interesting to watch and you can follow them very easily.

Zumba Fitness
Zumba Fitness Rush

Overall I found it a fun way to burn calories, as it did not really feel like exercise and I really felt like I did a full work out after the game had finished.

There are many claims that you can burn up to 1000 calories an hour doing Zumba.! I think I will have to push myself a bit harder on the next work out to look like some of the characters on the game. Have you tried any of the Zumba classes?

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