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Italian Dream Weddings


You want your wedding day to be the happiest of your life. It has to be unforgettable for your friends and for all your guests.

I am ready and prepared to help you make it happen: to create that atmosphere that will allow us to achieve that result, through the study, and implementation of many creative, technical and practical details of your wedding day: a mix of phantasy and concreteness. 

I will fix the planning process, set and analyze your expectations, then design, structure, plan, organise and manage the whole wedding, from A to Z, or better from A to A: Anticipation, Arrival Atmosphere, Appetite, Amusement, Appreciation.

Italian Dream Weddings

The budget, your history and your desires on which to build the design of the wedding, the timing, the best suppliers, the inspections, the contracts, the legal aspects, the music, the speeches, the rehearsal dinner and the brunch, the flowers, the lights, the total care of your guests.

This is just a hint of what I will do for you, following your wishes and preferences, of course. You can call me for any doubt on all aspects of the wedding, and I will relieve you of considerable stress, should you fear not being able to do everything or to do it in time or to do it perfectly well.

Italian Dream Weddings

I will be happy to help you. So that you can continue to concentrate on your job, your free time, your friends, your sport, your hobbies. So that you can get to your wedding day stress-free and happy, to enjoy that day 100%, and to share your joy and happiness with your guests.

Because the day of your wedding will be the happiest of your life.

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3 Reviews

Many thanks Carla for your preparation of the event. It really was fantastic. That was first class work!

January 2018

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Thank you for your tremendous activities! You were so helpful in the whole organisation, in following all regulations, and procedures. And you have a wonderful style!

January 2018

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I wish to congratulate you on such a successful event. All of us had a great time. It was a very high quality day.

January 2018

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