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4 Reasons To Have A Winter Wedding


Today we have one of 5 Star Weddings Showcase Partners, Anna and Jamie Rankin, owners of elegant country house venue, Micklefield Hall, on hand to give us their top reasons for getting married in the festive season.

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1. Wintry Décor Schemes Are Wonderful

From toffee-apple favours and bonfires at a glorious autumnal wedding to magnificent ice sculptures and fairy lights in the depths of winter, cold weather lends itself marvellously to all manner of magical décor schemes. 

We are currently planning to unveil our own converted 16th century barn in October 2014 and many venues will reserve their most cosy, atmospheric spaces for the winter wedding season, so don’t be afraid to go exploring – a venue that looks one way in the summer may have an entirely different feel in the winter. 

Make It Perfect:

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Heated and  covered areas for roasted chestnuts, sparklers and even entertainment like fire juggling could give your wedding a real “wow” factor. 

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2. Low Lighting Is Extremely Romantic

Always dreamed of getting married at sunset?  Would you love candlelit reception? There’s a distinct advantage to the low lighting that comes with a winter wedding. Create a dimly-lit, dreamy space where your guests can get lost in the enchanting glow of the evening – just wonderful!

Make It Perfect:

Low lighting can be captivating – but make sure it can also be captured!

A brilliant photographer will have the right low-light lenses, flash and expertise to make it work, but make sure you book someone who really knows their stuff, and knows your plans for a charming candlelit reception in advance!

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3. The Winter Weather

Yes, you read that right. What you lose in beautiful blooms and cloud-free skies, you gain in sharp air that just smells of the holiday season. Crisp, winter air is so evocative, it brings up feelings of wonder, awe and excitement. If you’re lucky, you might even see some snow, which would make for incredible formal pictures. 

Make It Perfect: 

While frosty weather is nature’s way of making everything sparkle, it can also be tricky to get your guests from A to B. Make sure your venue has plans in place for gritting driveways and parking spaces, and that your guests are able to stay close enough to the venue that a cold snap won’t put a dampener on your big day plans. 

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4. Great Hearty Food

One thing people really love to do in winter is eat! Hot weather can reduce people’s appetites, and while finger food and light meals are lovely, there’s something deliciously decadent about a proper, steaming hot meal on a winter’s night.  Our preferred caterer, Kalm Kitchen, has a wonderful roasted garlic and butternut soup that always goes down a treat during the festive wedding season. 

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Make It Perfect:

Take advantage of the incredible seasonal offerings around you. A wonderful soup starter, chestnuts you and your family have gathered yourselves, roasted marshmallows for dessert – there are many ways to make a big impact with locally sourced food.

Micklefield Hall will be opening the doors to their brand new converted 16th century barn in October 2014 for winter weddings at this elegant country venue.

For more information and an on-line video tour please visit http://www.micklefieldhall.com/

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