5 Top London Wedding Planners

If planning your wedding, you should definitely consider hiring one of the top London wedding planners. The planning of a wedding can be a daunting and stressful experience, therefore it is recommended that you hire a professional, who can take over the responsibilities and coordinate the wedding in the best possible way. Wedding planners offer different kinds of packages that include all the details of the weddings. It is basically up to you to decide what the best package for your needs and your budget is.
Here are some of the Top London Wedding Planners

Absolute Perfection

Absolute Perfection is a leading London company with wedding planners specialising in stylish, exclusive and exceptional weddings in the UK and abroad if necessary. The company is able to provide a variety of wedding planning services and upscale packages for the modern couples, assisting them at any stage of the wedding process. This company can serve as your personal wedding designers, wedding planners or coordinators, being adept at organising a small and intimate event for just a few guests or a huge and grand ball for 500 or more.

Niemerko Wedding Planners

Niemierko is a wedding and event planning company of choice for savvy and stylish couples; it is founded by Mark Niemierko, who has over 10 years experience within the event industry, specialising in weddings, civil partnerships and other social events.

Image Courtesy of Jeremy Enness - Mark & Rob Van Heldon

The company is able to approach wedding ceremonies along with the couple; the professional planners get to know the couples so that they can understand their passion, style and preferences, in order to be able to offer the most appropriate solutions for their wedding.

Sam Rilley Wedding Planner

Sam Rilley is a renowned professional in the market. He has founded Wedding Matters, a company that has been set up to realise the joint desire of its Directors who share a passion for providing engaged couples with the advantage of professional wedding planning. It comes as no surprise that this company is included in the Top London Wedding Planners since it can offer the necessary practice and understanding they have developed during the past fifteen years in the hospitality and events industry.

Tigerlily Weddings

Tigerlily Weddings is a boutique wedding planning company based in London. It provides a wide array of wedding preparation, consultancy and coordination services, in a modern and elegant way. The services provided are bespoke and upscale, bringing a new and refreshing perspective to the design and preparation of weddings.

Helen Carter Weddings

If you are planning your wedding in London or anywhere else in the UK you can hire Helen Carter Weddings Company, which specialises in wedding planning. The main goal of the company is to alleviate stress from the couples that have to take care of so many different details regarding their wedding. As time puts additional pressure on couples, this company is ready to take over the wedding planning and coordination, helping the bride and groom deal with all small or big issues that might come up while preparing their wedding. This company is included in the list of the Top London wedding planners.