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A Musical Love Story


Bill and I met in high school when I was a Sophomore and he was a Senior. We dated for a short time but when he graduated we went our separate ways. Bill had moved out of state for work and we’d chat over the phone every few months to catch up on our lives.

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Eventually he moved back to Michigan and called me to meet up for coffee. I had just started taking guitar lessons and Bill offered to teach me himself. Our lessons turned into dates and shortly after we started hanging out again we knew it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I’ve loved Bill since I was 16 and we both feel so lucky to have found each other again after 11 years.

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Our Proposal: Bill and I play a lot of music together in our home – he plays guitar and we both sing. Music is something that brought us together in the beginning and is something we both enjoy tremendously. I had just gotten home from work and Bill asked me to come into the other room to relax and listen to him play some of our favorite songs on guitar.

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After a few songs he asked me to go into our music room and grab a capo out of his guitar case. I opened his guitar case to find my beautiful ring displayed in a box. I turned around slightly confused and he was on his knee. It was so romantic that it was just the two of us and it was in our home. 

Our Wedding: I wanted the day to feel fun, personal, relaxed and of course beautiful. We had a perfectly sunny 72 degree day in June with a nice breeze. We had a lot of DIY projects for our wedding including vinyl records we painted gold to use as charger plates, chalkboard table numbers and our backdrop behind the head table.

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Our colors were shades of pinks, corals and gold. Bill and I even did a surprise performance for our guests and sang Jason Mraz “I Won’t Give Up”. Music is a part of us and we had to share our favorite song with our favorite people.

I think all of our vendors did a fantastic job capturing “us” and making our day perfect and I have to say that our DJ was seriously amazing – he had our guests dancing all night long!

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Venue: McGregor Memorial Conference Center on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit. I truly feel like this venue is a hidden gem. As a wedding coordinator, I’ve seen so many beautiful venues but this venue immediately took my breath away. The amount of natural light that floods in is amazing and the white marble floors and pillars give an elegant yet warm feeling to the space.


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