The New Generation Of Sweet Treats

We have had wedding cakes, French wedding cakes and cupcake towers.. now it is time for a Choux display.  These little beauties have just arrived at our desk and they look to pretty to eat, but I will try!

Launched last week, I would like to introduce you to Choux-London. The concept has come over from Paris and these little puffs of pastry are filled with flavoured cream, topped with a matching icing. Already a massive craze in France, they are set to wipe out the cupcake and tiered cake, and take charge in the UK.

Modern wedding cakes
Choux {shoo} – noun, pl. choux – handmade bite sized pastries, topped with a smooth
fondant, filled with flavoured cremé patissiere.

Introducing the new trend of sweet treats ‘choux’, fusing creative cooking and fashionable eating. Already a firm favourite across Parisian patisseries, founders Nadia and Victoria, 21 and 26 years old, have brought these delicacies over to London. Having trained at Le Cordon Bleu, the girls have created these bite size, melt-in-your mouth delights, sure to satisfy any sweet craving.

The little puffs of pastry are filled with a flavoured cremé patissiere, topped with an appetising fondant icing. As well as the core vanilla and chocolate flavours, the inaugural set of choux pastries feature the on-trend salted caramel, passion fruit, coffee, lemon, peanut butter and strawberry & cream.

There’s always an excuse to indulge – for dessert, a treat or gifts for birthdays. The talented chefs can also personalise each choux with bespoke messages, ideal for parties and weddings and favours.

Every product is handmade, made to order, fresh every day… each bite as delichoux as the last.