Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Matrimonial Dance Floor Rocking

A purveyor of the finest Mobile Discotheque’s & Dj’s with a cool contemporary twist for luxury weddings and events. Matt Maurice gives our 5 Star Wedding readers 5 top tips for choosing your wedding DJ.

Luxury Wedding Music
Dj Rory Gleeson

1. Do let your Dj have some input into your track selection on the night. The experience will shine through and help create a seamless mix linking all your music requests together.

2. Do remember and consider the often forgotten last track and music finale of the evening. An uplifting anthem that everyone knows works best.

3. Do think of your guests when selecting the music. Variety is the key when you have a guest list of all ages.

4. Do remember if you’re booking a band, bands tend to play two sets. A Dj will keep the party going before the band, during the band break and when the band finishes their set.

5. Do consider where possible, having all the DJ equipment set up prior to the wedding breakfast. This will ensure everything is ready to go straight away. The sound system can then also be used for speeches and background music.

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