I have just tried out the new lashes by Amy Child, and thought they were very impressive. Many people have a perception that, because strip lashes are often referred to as ‘fake eyelashes’ that they create a ‘fake’ look. With Amy Childs’ false lash strip range however you can decide what look you want to go for due to the variation of lash styles that are available from her range.

Amy Childs Lashes

Amy Childs Lashes

These lashes are exactly what you would want from a fake lash,  to look beautiful and make you feel beautiful if you want to look glam or natural and Amy’s collection is offering exactly what the modern girl wants. Her lashes reflect her perfectly and there is such a range of different styles that suit everybody for every occasion. The natural looking lashes in her lash range are perfect for day to day usage, from the office floor to the dance floor.

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