Roadkill Couture To Unveil New Pieces At White Gallery London

Controversial British fashion designer Jess Eaton will be unveiling new pieces from her Roadkill Couture collection, designed exclusively for White Gallery London, this May.

Eaton’s exquisite collections, Roadkill Couture & Roadkill Couture II, challenge everything we feel about the use of animals in fashion. They celebrate the raw beauty that surrounds us every day in the natural world by creating beautiful bespoke pieces from the most unlikely of places.

Roadkill Couture
Kenny McCracken/Create Studios Brighton

Jess makes it clear that no animals are ever harmed in the name of fashion. She says: “I never, ever kill animals for our designs and we wouldn’t accept anything that has been killed for the purpose of turning it into a fashion item. What I do is take these animals, once their natural lives are over and give them an endless afterlife.”

Eaton’s second collection pushed these questions even further by introducing domestic animals and human bones into the designs which gained the respect and attention of Love Magazine who modelled the pieces on Kate Moss.

The collection was loosely divided into four moods; Dark, Urban Culture, 1950’s Dior and Bridal. Using the white feathers and whole wings of various birds, Eaton created extravagant headpieces inspired by the films, fairy stories and books from her own childhood.

Jess Eaton will be unveiling her latest bridal designs this May with pieces designed exclusively for White Gallery London 2013. Commenting on her White Gallery London debut Jess said “I’m thrilled about making my exciting debut at the White Gallery London and can’t wait to unveil the beautiful and dramatic designs I am creating for the show. My exhibit draws inspiration from a range of dark and dramatic romantics like Tim Burton and Scarlett O’Hara and I have a spectacular centrepiece planned as a big surprise for visitors.”

The fourth edition of White Gallery London will showcase the finest bridal wear and accessory collections for 2014 from more than 50 UK and international designers. Held in Battersea Evolution (Battersea Park) from 19-21 May 2013, it attracts the most exclusive retailers and influential press from around the world.