The Antler Atom – not your average suitcase

Remarkably light, reassuringly strong

When you’re constantly dashing about reviewing hotels and attending fancy wedding shows and product launches, the most important piece of equipment has to be your luggage. It needs to be reliable, strong and not too heavy! So when Antler asked me to review their new Atom suitcases, I jumped at the chance. Billed as being lightweight, durable and tough, they sounded too good to be true…

First impressions

The Antler cases arrived in a big box, such an exciting delivery! They appeared in their dust bags, like designer handbags, and I carefully uncovered them to give them the once over.

The suitcases come in a really stylish choice of charcoal, silver and blue, in cabin, medium and large sizes. We were sent a large silver and medium blue.

The Antler Atom - not your average suitcase

They are gorgeous. With a honeycomb design giving strength, the pattern makes them really eye-catching and the colours are really chic. And then there’s the weight of them – they are unbelievably light! Empty, you can pick them up with just your little finger, and when full, they just glide so smoothly and effortlessly – divine!

Tough as the army

The Atom’s honeycomb design isn’t just to look nice – it gives the suitcases strength. They are actually made out of Armordon – the same material the British army make their helmets out of. It’s tough, resilient and highly protective, able to withstand impact when thrown down the stairs (or even luggage carousel…!). This material is also 100% recyclable – a perfect combination!

The Antler Atom - not your average suitcase

Light as a feather

Super lightweight handles, gliding 360-degree rotating wheels and smooth sliding zips all make for a perfect package, together with the low density, incredible lightweight Armordon.

The Antler Atom - not your average suitcase

Made in the UK

A true British bastion, Antler design, engineer and make these Atom suitcases in the UK. Their passionate experts have over 100 years of experience, which made me wonder what went before these cutting edge creations…

The Antler Atom - not your average suitcase

A bit of history

Antler has a proud tradition of Great British design. Starting out in 1914 making leather wardrobe trunks for ocean voyages and unique trunks which were attached to cars, founder John Boultbee Brooks’ business went from strength to strength.

The Antler Atom - not your average suitcase

The company helped with the war effort, producing haversacks, webbing belts, and military equipment, but after the war soon returned to what they knew best – the luggage business. Through the 1940s and 50s, Antler introduced innovative styles, such as the development of soft-sided luggage with rich quality linings.

The Antler Atom - not your average suitcaseAlways keen to stay one step ahead, Antler designed innovative and lightweight products, looking at the changing trends in holiday-making and moving with the requirements of the traveler. It is this desire for innovation that has led to the fresh, contemporary expression of what they stand for and believe in – Designed, Tested, Trusted.

The Antler Atom - not your average suitcase

Antler has a rich heritage of craftsmanship, basing everything they do on their flair and culture of British design. And now, over a century old, their production is as fresh and creative as ever. So dedicated to and convinced of the quality of their products, they hold a 10-year warranty.

What do we think?

I love these cases. Light, attractive, resilient and strong – you couldn’t ask for more! They would be the ideal honeymoon suitcase and perfect to put on your gift list. Their unique, distinctive look makes them easy to pick out at baggage claim and you’ll be proud to pull one behind you. It’ll definitely make people take a second look!

Check out the collection for yourself on Antler’s website.

The Antler Atom - not your average suitcase