Magnificent Manicures

With rings on her (perfectly manicured) fingers…

Dress, hair, make up, shoes, flowers… nails!! Don’t forget, your hands will be on show all day. After the main event when your finger gets itself some new real estate, the one thing people will be asking is to see the new wedding ring. So make sure your nails look pretty! Here’s some fabulous manicure inspiration to help you choose your look.

Single it out

Let’s get it out of the way first, the ring finger bling. Make that special finger stand out even more (and give your other half a reminder of which finger gets the ring!)

Magnificent Manicures

Matchy matchy

If you’re going for a vibrant colour palette, match your nails to the tone. Perfectly pampered nails will coordinate with your flowers perfectly.

Magnificent ManicuresMagnificent Manicures

A touch of sparkle

Every girl needs a little sparkle in their life, and your wedding day is no different. A hint of glitter will make your hands just shine!

Magnificent Manicures

Keep it simple

A simple but expertly created French manicure is a dream in itself and will keep your nails naturally pretty. Perfect if you don’t really like wearing nail polish.

Magnificent Manicures

In the buff

Another simple fix is keeping your nails nude. All attention on the new ring please!

Magnificent Manicures

It’s all in the detail

If you’re the creative type and like a bit of artwork on your nails, these cute hearts fit the wedding bill perfectly! Such a sweet little detail.

Magnificent Manicures

Metal nails

You should know by now that we love a metallic element in any wedding. So why not match up your nails? Rose gold, copper or silver keep your nails in line with your shiny accent colour.

Magnificent Manicures

…and don’t forget your toes too! Especially important for a beach wedding, but your shoes will probably be kicked off for dancing wherever you choose to wed, so make sure you book a pedicure as well!

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