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Blissful beach weddings


Five must-finds for your perfect seaside celebration

So you’ve decided on a beach wedding. Now beach weddings may seem fantastically idyllic, minimal, calm and stress-free, but they still need a lot of planning. To capture that flawless day on the sand, and make the day as peaceful as possible, here are just a few things you need to find for the perfect day.

mexico beach weddings 17 - Blissful beach weddings
image: Mexico Beach Weddings

1. Find a beach

Blissful white sands or secluded cove? Far flung destination or closer to home? There are fabulous destinations for beach weddings around the world – from Ibiza to Fiji and plenty in between. Look at climate, travel time and type of ceremony you’d like – some places will do gorgeous traditional ceremonies. Spend time carefully looking at all the options.

fiji yasawa island beaches credit to yasawa island resort spa - Blissful beach weddings
Yasawa Island, Fiji
agua blanca ibiza - Blissful beach weddings
Agua Blanca, Ibiza
Halona Beach Cove Oahu Hawaii - Blissful beach weddings
Halona Beach, Oahu, Hawaii – image: Beach People

2. Find a theme

The theme is the beach… right?! Well, yes, but it’s lovely to make your own mark and personalise your celebrations with a theme. Add touches of your chosen colours or icons on the seating, orders of service and gazebo, if you choose one. This will stamp your identity as a couple over your special day. Maybe get some cute hooks to stake in the sand and hang decorations from them.

dream beach wedding - Blissful beach weddings
image: dream beach wedding
alexandra beach Greece - Blissful beach weddings
Alexandra Beach, Greece
Meg Baisden Photography - Blissful beach weddings
image: Meg Baisden Photography
C0071 WeddingExpo 2013 224RG - Blissful beach weddings
image: enhance photography studios

rope and glass for beach wedding aisle 682x1024 - Blissful beach weddingsil fullxfull.380106093 7bzv - Blissful beach weddings

3. Find a dress

Remember your location! Your dream dress may be a heavy, structured ball gown, but just be aware of the climate and maybe go for something a little lighter. Soft layers of tulle or whispering lace and a simple sheath shape are ideal choices. And forego the footwear, bejewelled barefoot sandals are the perfect beach accessory.

gallery 1439237184 004725 r1 003 copy - Blissful beach weddings
image: Tec Petaja

022e7de9c19126dcf4f8e7a702a07246 flowy dresses lace wedding dresses - Blissful beach weddingsb3f16c5ddbf196b15ccd480c43c0e256 perfect wedding dress wedding dresses with lace - Blissful beach weddings2e240f8fe07701d229e884c521302638 two piece wedding dress beach wedding dress seperates - Blissful beach weddings3102697164ca7d4c7e8a709544466847 beach pool beach feet - Blissful beach weddings

4. Find the perfect flowers

Consult a florist to ensure the flowers you choose aren’t going to droop at the first hint of sun! Orchids are fairly heat-hardy, whereas freesias wilt very easily. Your destination florist should know what will work best – it’s wise to be guided by them, and you might even get some truly exquisite exotic blooms!

Beach Wedding Theme Table - Blissful beach weddings
image: glass slipper photography
beach wedding aisles wooden lanterns with flowers lining the aisle - Blissful beach weddings
image: Allegro Photography

55b06fcf2925f69614f013ab37721462 - Blissful beach weddings06c736dc7f50888606a446db6b450dbe tropical beaches tropical weddings - Blissful beach weddings

5. Find fabulous food

A destination beach wedding will need to incorporate local foods – which will be different, depending on where you choose. A lot of places will offer seafood and local delicacies – but Hawaii may offer roast pig, whilst you’ll get jerk chicken in the Caribbean. Also, think about your wedding cake – don’t let it melt in the sun!

IMG 6180 - Blissful beach weddings
image: Robin Lin Photography
beach wedding cakes blue rose pictures 0717 vert - Blissful beach weddings
image: Martha Stewart Weddings

959ba46a249abd14bc3a862516f651b3 summer beach weddings uk beach wedding - Blissful beach weddings

TEC PETAJA - Blissful beach weddings
image: Tec Petaja

Most importantly…

Enjoy your sun soaked beach wedding! Your photos will be stunning…

21829fe81c4518b99c013153b38da4a6 - Blissful beach weddings
image: brockit inc

61b7b371c05db2842fdb05f5429c9e38 - Blissful beach weddingsd3b80392a177c6bae8ad39d2bb97ff8a beach wedding groom beach weddings - Blissful beach weddings

Looking for more beach wedding inspiration? Head over to our destination wedding page for lots of lovely ideas.

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