Before the Wedding

The period before the wedding can be the most stressful period of your life. In order to be able to plan and prepare your wedding without stress and with success, you must prepare a schedule. It is no exaggeration to start operations even twelve months before, and you will see that in some cases even that time will not be enough! Of course everyone has their own pace and his own methodology and therefore the timetable can be indicative. However, even the most experienced wedding planner will tell you that success is inextricably linked with the right preparation and wedding organization. The best thing to do is to prepare your own before wedding checklist. 


The first thing to consider is where you want the event to take place, and what will happen after the wedding ceremony-because, truth be told, the whole point is … the after party! Luckily for you, the venues for receptions and events are endless and can cater to every taste and every pocket (mountain, land or sea, gallery hall, room or terrace hotel, restaurant or tavern). Before deciding you should start with one online «market research” to get an overview of each service center. Make a list of those that interest you but do not call to check for prices, because most people would refuse to tell you over the phone. Schedule an appointment to see the place up close, along with your partner, and discuss with those responsible for the follow up.

Specify that you are “free” add anything you want as decoration and if the venue itself has some decoration for weddings, so as to avoid surprises As for the money: make sure that you get a quote for a final amount per person, and ask if drinks are included, the waiters and maître, the dj, the valet, and agree on how and when you will pay. Our advice is: first, to agree to a number of guests you expect to definitely come and according to them to obtain a final quote (this can be done up to one week before the wedding) and, secondly, not to pay the amount of the venue before the completion of the event, in case things do not go as well as we hoped. 

Another detail that most couples usually miss to consider is who will take care of the wedding gifts during the ceremony. Obviously, the couple will be way too busy on the wedding night, and will have no time at all; therefore, responsible people should be present to take care of all these small details that are necessary. 

Keep in mind that no matter how perfect everything is organized, there is always the chance that something goes wrong on the actual day of the wedding; you need to be prepared and have a backup plan in some cases. The night before wedding can be a very stressful night, but if you are ok with your plan and things go relatively well till then, you will have the chance to stay calm and relax so as to feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding night.

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