Latin America’s Most Iconic Hotels – Copacabana Palace

With the World Cup around the corner, the BBC will be showing what sounds like an interesting behind the scene view of the famous  Copacabana Palace Hotel. 

As Brazil prepares to host the World Cup, Copacabana Palace follows the lives of the staff and guests at one of Latin America’s most iconic hotels.

Copacabana Palace Hotel Brazil
Copacabana Palace Hotel Brazil

I just love watching documentaries, and this one sounds very exciting as we get to see how the hotels caters for the rich and famous guests’ every whim. The starting price for a night at the Copacabana Palace is £400 and the price for their VIP suites isn’t even made public. 

Copacabana Palace Brazil
Beautiful Brazil At Sunset

Brazil now boasts more billionaires than Britain, and the Copacabana Palace is a magnet for Brazil’s new wealthy élite. In its 90-year history the hotel has played host to everyone from Orson Welles to Justin Bieber and the king of Sweden.

This hotel is certainly on my wish list of hotels to visit, as it was for many including the famous, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to the Rolling Stones, who have stayed at this glamorous hotel.

Copacabana Palace Brazil
Copacabana Palace Swimming Pool

Superbly positioned overlooking Copacabana Beach, this is the best place to stay in Rio. Soak up the sun in the magnificent pool or join Brazil’s style setters at the Piano Bar. And don’t miss the hotel’s top restaurants, whether for great local dishes or fine Italian dining at the Hotel Cipriani Restaurant.

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