The Importance Of Thank You Cards As Part of Your Wedding Stationery

The weeks and months leading up your wedding are always a crazy period that can leave even the most organised bride in a spin. Remembering every detail and getting the timings right pushes your concentration to the limit. Although it is worth all the effort to ensure the perfect day; there is always a slight feeling of relief once the wedding is over and you can relax and enjoy your honeymoon. However, there is one final task that you need to remember once back from honeymoon and that’s sending out thank you cards to your guests. Although they can often be overlooked by newly married couples; they are equally as important as the rest of your wedding stationery.

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Whilst you have already provided your guests with a feast and possibly wedding favours as part of your wedding day; it is important to send thank you cards as a formal way of showing your gratitude for their attendance and any gifts. Attending a wedding can prove to be an expensive day for guests – especially those that travel from far away and face accommodation costs. So a little show of thanks will certainly be appreciated and leave friends and family alike with a final happy memory of your wedding day.

There aren’t any specific rules regarding when your thank you cards should be sent out and people will appreciate that you are busy with the honeymoon. However, leaving it too long can be seen as a lack of appreciation or perhaps leave guests worrying that you don’t like the present they gave. So try and get the invitations sent out within the first few weeks of your marriage and certainly no later than six weeks after. It is a good idea to order your thank you cards along with the rest of your wedding stationery so that you have them at hand and can write a few at a time when you get a chance.

Finally, there are a couple of mistakes often made when sending out thank you cards that can easily be avoided. Rather than sending out or delivering thank you cards as and when you write them; instead, wait until you have written them all and dispatch them in one go. Otherwise, you run the risk of someone who has received a thank you card mentioning the fact to a guest who you haven’t yet sent one too – which could leave them feeling slighted. Also, be sure to add a handwritten heartfelt message to each card; thanking the guest or guests by name and giving mention to any gifts. If you shared a joke or memorable moment with them during the wedding day, then drawing reference to it is a great way of making the thank you a little more personal. I’m sure you’ll agree that the extra outlay in your wedding stationery really is worth it to add the finishing touches to your perfect day.