Famous Brides and How to Emulate Them

We all want our wedding day to be perfect and when you are looking for ideas you may be looking at famous brides and how to emulate them. Naturally you do not want everything to be exactly like someone else’s wedding however you may get a few great ideas for your own. You may have even been trying to put your thoughts into reality and seeing may just be the little something extra that you needed to get in the right direction. Famous weddings can be an excellent form of inspiration when you find yourself stuck on just what to do.

Of course white is the traditional color for a wedding dress. Queen Victoria was the one that set this trend in motion and when following in her footsteps you should envision lots of lace, white satin that is very rich, the bodice should be tight and of course the skirt needs to be full like a princess dress. Again, although they are going to be your wedding clothes when you picture something this extravagant you cannot help but smile. You can even take it down to the hair and place a well put flower. You could also go Mrs. Kennedy and have a skirt which is satin and filled with layers and intricate circles. It is a timeless look that is extravagant.

How about looking at the 60’s and Mrs. Farrow. This is a simple white mini dress with the right jewelry to match. If you are looking for something that is a little newer, you can also look at Cindy Crawford. If you are looking at a beach wedding it could be the perfect example to follow. She wore a little white slip of a dress and no shoes. It is going to be hot so you want to be comfortable and shoes, who needs shoes on the beach? Add just a little jewelry for accent and you are ready for the big day. Remember, this is a bride wedding and your choices need to make you comfortable.

cindy crarford

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For someone that is getting married for the second time, it is not necessary to go with the traditional white wedding dress. You could always follow in the footsteps of the iconic Marilyn Monroe. She wore a suite that was chocolate brown and is very easy to emulate. You could go with a two piece or if you prefer the dress, go with the brown that is styled from the 1950’s and a pair of heels. Of course you will need the white orchids and put your hair up if you really want to do it right! The 5 Star Wedding Directory can help you get it just right for the big day.

No matter what your decision it is important that the bride and wedding party are on the same page. Choose their dresses according the to whether or not you are going to go with a dress or a suit and if you are going with something other than the traditional white.