Feeling Giddy Over Bridal Luxury, at Altitude London

Gazing down over London’s turrets and towers, the scent of fresh flowers mingling, deliciously, with afternoon tea in the air, and a freshly made cocktail in hand: there are worse ways to spend a Wednesday in a humid August.

I look around and envisage Altitude London as a wedding venue, not that I need to use my imagination too much seeing as London’s greatest suppliers – Amie Bone Flowers, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, Freya Rose, and Emma Hunt to name only a few – have collaborated to create a sort of ‘dress rehearsal’ of an incredible luxury wedding. Flowers are cascading from antique hostess trolleys and blossoming beneath glossy bell jars, towering cakes that look too good to be real are dotted around the room, and beautifully embellished shoes sit delicately on tables like they’re waiting for Cinderella to return to find them…

best gowns for wedding If you worry that a London wedding has the potential to be a crazy affair, with beeping cabs outside, and nearby tube station tannoy announcements interrupting the speeches (we are, of course, exaggerating for effect here) then you need to see Altitude London. From the dizzying heights of the top floor, you float peacefully above the hubbub while, outside the window, the most iconic elements of London – Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Big Ben, the Thames – proudly present themselves like peacocks, for the pleasure of you and your guests.

best wedding organiser The venue interior is a clean, modern, chic open space – naturally, the London views are the main event, so any over-the-top decor would be totally superfluous. For this reason, the room is a blank canvas for whatever vibe you want your wedding to have. Today’s affair is a classic, quintessentially English do of elegance and opulence; it’s all velvet cushions on gilded chairs, bone china plates piled with afternoon tea, and roses floating in crystal saucers.

best bridal gown designers A huge thanks to Altitude for showing us the delights of their skyscraping wedding venue, and allowing us to indulge in a day of cocktails, cakes, and catching up with our favourite, talented suppliers: photographer John Nassari, furniture by Great Hire, stationery by Intricate Creations, and sweets and accessories by The Sweet Hostess, floral wonders by Amie Bone Flowers, wedding gowns by Emma Hunt, shoes by Freya Rose, and magnificent cakes by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium.