Fortnum & Mason’s Bespoke Wedding Cakes

Fortnum & Mason, synonymous with classic elegance, style and beautifully created artisanal products range of exquisite bespoke wedding and celebration cakes, has proved to be a huge success.

The range of six wedding cakes, first launched in February 2012, was inspired by Fortnum & Mason’s foundations in the 1700s. Each cake uses elements of this era to create an elegant centrepiece for any wedding or celebration.

The wedding cakes:

Georgian Lace Cake – Inspired by Georgian style lace, a stylish and sleek, deliciously modern design. Brides-to-be can use the lace from their dresses as the motif.

Georgian Lace Cake
Georgian Lace Cake

Fortnum & Mason Georgian Lace Cake

Blossom Cake – Inspired by delicate wedding blooms with petals falling like confetti.

Blossom Cake - Inspired by delicate wedding blooms with petals falling like confetti.
Blossom Cake – Inspired by delicate wedding blooms with petals falling like confetti.

Fortnum Mason Blossom Cake

Cameo Cake – Inspired by Queen Charlotte’s love of cameos and silhouettes. The central motif can feature an image of the bride and groom or be replaced with monograms.

Cameo Cake - Inspired by Queen Charlotte's love of cameos and silhouettes
Cameo Cake – Inspired by Queen Charlotte’s love of cameos and silhouettes

Fortnum & Mason Ruffle Cake

Tea Rose Cake – Inspired by Fortnum’s tea range and romantic roses. Flowers are hand-painted directly onto the mid-tier of the cake.

Georgian Porcelain Cake - Inspired by the Wedgwood and Jasper ware porcelain and china that was so popular with Queen Charlotte.
Georgian Porcelain Cake – Inspired by the Wedgwood and Jasperware porcelain and China that was so popular with Queen Charlotte.

Fortnum & Mason Rose Cake

Georgian Porcelain Cake – Inspired by the Wedgwood and Jasperware porcelain and China that was so popular with Queen Charlotte.

The bespoke nature of the cakes enables customers to not only choose their design and the colours of the cake but also to choose cake flavours – from the traditional fruitcake (preserved for the first anniversary and christenings) to other delicious delights:

  • Classic Vanilla (vanilla buttercream and Fortnum & Mason strawberry and champagne jam between the tiers)
  • Classic Tercentenary Chocolate (Fortnum & Mason chocolate ganache using tercentenary chocolate)
  • Pretty Marble (chocolate and vanilla sponge with chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream)
  • Lemon (made using lemon zest, limoncello and Fortnum & Mason lemon curd)
  • Sandringham Coffee and Walnut (made using Fortnum & Mason Sandringham blend coffee and buttercream)
  • Carrot and Pecan cake with lemon buttercream
  • Banana cake with passion fruit buttercream
  • Orange cake with Fortnum & Mason’s Old English Hunt Marmalade and buttercream with orange zest and orange liqueur
  • Fruitcake – a much lighter style of cake with the fruit soaked in Fortnum & Mason cognac and brandy

All classic vanilla or chocolate sponges can include any Fortnum & Mason jams or marmalades between tiers to match your theme or cocktail or create a special unique flavour cake for your wedding day.

At Fortnum & Mason, the selection of wedding cake is a special experience. The tasting and consultation take the form of a ‘wedding afternoon tea’ including cake samples served with champagne and tea in a private room in the newly refurbished St James’s Restaurant. This experience is redeemable on the purchase of the cake and a beautifully designed sketch of the final design, a perfect souvenir. Customers who purchase wedding and celebration cakes in the store will also have exclusive access to offers on champagne, cake knives and servers, and tips on preserving the top tier of the cake and wedding etiquette.

All cakes are made fresh to order and are created using only the finest Fortnum & Mason ingredients, and each wedding cake has matching wedding favour cookies for guests to take home. All cakes are exclusive to Fortnum & Mason and are handmade with meticulous care and attention to detail.

As well as delightful wedding cakes, the new range of celebration cakes, from £95, is perfect for anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. Available to order from the bakery counter, these cakes come in three designs: a plain classic cake, an English Rose cake with sugar flowers and a two-tiered cake reminiscent of a ribbon-tied present. All the cakes are made using Fortnum & Mason ingredients, flavours are the same as the wedding cakes, and all designs can feature a custom message.

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Fortnum & Mason is a historic luxury department store in the heart of London, England. Established in 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason, the store is renowned for its exceptional food and drink products and high-end gifts and homeware.

One of Fortnum & Mason’s most famous offerings is its tea selection, which includes over 100 varieties worldwide. The store also sells a wide range of sweet and savoury treats, including its signature hampers filled with artisanal products such as jams, biscuits, and chocolates.

In addition to food and drink, Fortnum & Mason is also known for its high-end homeware and gift products, including china, silverware, and jewellery. The store’s iconic green and gold packaging has become synonymous with luxury and quality, instantly recognizable to people worldwide.

Over the years, Fortnum & Mason has played an important role in British culture, supplying fine foods and gifts to the Royal Family and being a destination for tourists and locals alike. Its flagship store, located in Piccadilly, London, is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in luxury goods and exceptional food and drink.

10 frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Fortnum & Mason:

  1. What is Fortnum & Mason? Fortnum & Mason is a luxury department store in Piccadilly, London, UK. It is known for its high-quality food, tea, and gifts.
  2. When was Fortnum & Mason founded? Fortnum & Mason was founded in 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason.
  3. What products does Fortnum & Mason sell? Fortnum & Mason sells various products, including tea, coffee, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, preserves, wines, spirits, and hampers.
  4. Does Fortnum & Mason ship internationally? Yes, Fortnum & Mason ships internationally. However, the shipping rates and delivery times may vary depending on the destination.
  5. Does Fortnum & Mason have a restaurant? Fortnum & Mason has several restaurants, including The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, The Gallery, and 45 Jermyn St.
  6. Can you book a private tour of Fortnum & Mason? Yes, private tours of Fortnum & Mason can be arranged for groups of 10 or more. The tours include a store tour and a tasting of some of Fortnum & Mason’s famous products.
  7. Does Fortnum & Mason offer afternoon tea? Fortnum & Mason is known for its afternoon tea, which is served in The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon.
  8. What is the history of Fortnum & Mason’s famous hampers? Fortnum & Mason has been creating hampers since the early 19th century. Originally, they were created for wealthy customers who were travelling, but now they are popular gifts for any occasion.
  9. Does Fortnum & Mason offer corporate gifts? Yes, Fortnum & Mason offers a range of corporate gifts that can be personalized with company branding.
  10. Does Fortnum & Mason have a loyalty program? Yes, Fortnum & Mason has a loyalty program called Fortnum’s Rewards, which offers members exclusive benefits such as invitations to events, discounts, and free delivery.