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A Fragrance Love Story

by Design In Scent


Fragrance designers, Design In Scent, are opening their doors to the public for the first time with the launch of their inaugural retail fragrance range. Design In Scent’s founders, aka the scent ladies of London, Gemma Hopkins and Meghan Fay, have up until this summer, worked purely on a couture basis creating Signature Scents for discerning VIP clients and hosting private Scent Salons. They are the fragrance masterminds behind some of the UK’s most exciting private events and exclusive venues including The Arts Club, The Shard and Battersea Power Station.

Tomorrow Frosted Veil Feminine Eau de Parfum 798x532 - A Fragrance Love Story

Their exclusive new Wedding Collection is comprised of four Fragrance JourneysTM for couples to wear, scent their wedding with and gift to loved ones. Each Fragrance JourneyTM contains three complementing fragrances – a Feminine eau de parfum, a Masculine eau de parfum and a Union ambience fragrance that fuses the two into a new but recognisable scent. Each Fragrance JourneyTM is representative of a couple’s own life journey – of their individualities and the power of coming together as one.

Collection Masculine Eau de Parfums 800x451 - A Fragrance Love Story

As we all have feminine and masculine qualities, Design In Scent encourages people to break the fragrance ‘rules’ and simply choose what they love. A bride may wear a Masculine fragrance and vice versa. Feminine and Masculine fragrances can also be layered together. Whether bride and groom, groom and groom or bride and bride, couples can discover their own harmonious balance from a full Fragrance JourneyTM or a fragrance combination of their own choosing.

Timeless Timeless Candle Mountain Roots Eau de Parfum and Valley of Dew Eau de Parfum 798x532 - A Fragrance Love Story

The Wedding Collection of perfumes, fragranced candles and ambience mists, which can be used to scent invitations, the air, confetti and linen, have been expertly developed with exquisite natural oils to redefine the way we think about our sense of smell. It brings to life a truly unique experience that sings of love, beauty and joy, and captures the magic, meaning and memory of a wedding.

Collection Masculine and Feminine 800x526 - A Fragrance Love Story

The secret online launch from the 5 June until 2nd July during which time you can get early access at designinscent.com by entering a secret password ‘fragrancelovestory’.

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