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Ten ideas for a fabulous garden wedding

Summer sun, bird song and lush greenery; garden weddings are simply beautiful. If you’re thinking of an outdoor extravaganza, here are some of our favourite ideas to inspire your wedding planning.

  1. Put them on a pedestal

Or at least a little stone… Avoid that age-old problem of stiletto heels sinking into the grass by laying out stepping stones for your bridesmaids. They’ll definitely thank you for it, and it looks pretty cute too!

330155a745251664211115023c0c0b4c - Gorgeous Garden Weddings

  1. Ice cream dream

Hopefully the sun will shine on you, so you’ll need to keep your guests cool. We love the idea of hiring an ice cream cart or vintage van where guests are served with a cool sweet treat. It makes a lovely alternative to a dessert table.

bianco latte - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Bianco Latte
Ice Baby - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Ice Baby
  1. Fan-bulous

Whilst we’re talking about keeping guests cool, pop your order of service on a fan and give them a helpful refreshing breeze!

weddbook - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Image: Weddbook
  1. Doorway to the future

With no formal aisle, you may worry about losing ‘the big reveal’, so why not get a fun antique doorway to place at the end of the aisle?

Feather and Stone - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Image: Feather and Stone
  1. Nature’s gift

Use what nature provides and make the trees and flowers part of your décor. Greenery is the tone of the year, so embrace it and use it to its maximum potential! Maybe a Polaroid line instead of a guest book?

99 wedding ideas - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Image: 99 Wedding Ideas.com

a64ec4db44348d555cbf540fc8270efd - Gorgeous Garden Weddings

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gypsy tree photography - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Image: Gypsy Tree Photography
  1. Illuminate

The party doesn’t need to stop just because the sun’s gone down! We love the idea of using the tables themselves as soft illuminations. And sparkling lights hung from trees will always create a magical atmosphere.

colin cowie weddings - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Image: Colin Cowie Weddings

d53293ce0e2fa23d948b241bb8cca4b2 - Gorgeous Garden Weddings

  1. Natural beauty

Structured floral displays look a bit unnatural outside, so you’ll need to think of a different way to infuse your chosen flowers through the day. Hanging sweet mason jars with unstructured posies is a great idea. And supplement the natural blossoms with a gorgeous floral arch.

stems floral design The Nichols - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Image: The Nichols; Flowers: Stems Floral Design
nancy kaye florals - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Nancy Kaye Florals
  1. Keep hydrated

Another one for keeping guests cool as they celebrate with you – a vintage lemonade table is the perfect remedy for those who need a break from the dancefloor!

The Nichols 2 - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Image: The Nichols
  1. Valet, madam?

…but for your shoes! A day on the grass might be a bit much for some killer heels, so offer a shoe valet and provide cute soft, stretchy ballet slip ons or flip flops for some foot relief!

8723491fccba1bf93e817636b6b93d64 - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
image: Sarah & Ben
  1. Themespiration

An outdoor wedding needs an outdoor theme. Make sure guests know it’s a garden wedding right from the save the date cards. Choosing pretty floral or leafy stationery will create a really gorgeous outdoor vibe that runs throughout your celebrations.

emily small for paperjam press - Gorgeous Garden Weddings
Image: Emily Small for Paperjam Press

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