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The World’s Most Expensive Honeymoon


The wedding season in full swing and the Honeymoon is one of the most important elements of any couple’s marriage – after the ceremony of course.

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Honeymoons in Africa

Discover Africa, the leading tailor-made safari operator has launched the world’s most exclusive and expensive honeymoon for adventure loving couples.

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It will set newlyweds back an eye-watering £152,000, but includes some of the most incredible private safaris, exclusive hotels, helicopter rides, and adrenaline pumping game rides they could ask for.

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For many newlyweds, a honeymoon is an excuse to begin marred life in style, by splashing out on a lavish holiday of a lifetime.

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Cape Grace Pent House

But one holiday operator has taken it to the next level, launching the world’s most expensive honeymoon, aimed at super-rich newlyweds.

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Cape Grace Mountain View

The uber-luxurious trip comes at an eye watering price that would even put a dent in the pockets of Sunday Times Rich List brides and grooms.

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Luxury Honeymoons Cape Grace

The 14-day trip, which takes in parts of both Southern and East Africa, has been dubbed The World’s Most Expensive Honeymoon.

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Safari Honeymoons

The exclusive package is being offered by leading tailor-made safari operator, Discover Africa, and costs a cool £152,348 per couple, including transfers via private jet and helicopter but excluding international flights.

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Luxury Honeymoon Africa

For £10,882 per couple, per day, newlyweds can enjoy a helicopter ride over Cape Town, Table Mountain and the 12 Apostles; stay in a penthouse in an exclusive hotel on the city’s V&A Waterfront; sip sundowner cocktails on top of Table Mountain; go on a number of private safaris in some of Africa’s most wildlife-abundant areas including the Serengeti; and take part in an adrenalin-pumping game drive in Tanzania, before glamping overnight.

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Luxury Honeymoons Africa

Brides and grooms can also toast their nuptials on tours of vineyards and estates in the wine-lands not easily available to tourists, via a private 4×4 jeep with a specialist guide.

Other excursions on the trip include visiting a traditional Masai village; shopping for a honeymoon gift of Tanzanite jewellery and gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

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What’s more, much of the accommodation is booked exclusively, in order to give newlyweds the ultimate in privacy.

Andre Van Kets, co-founder at Discover Africa, said: “Africa is a hugely popular honeymoon destination – it combines romantic locations, beautiful wildlife and breath-taking experiences that will bring newlyweds even closer together – and we wanted to put together a package which combines all three of these aspects, along with some of Southern and East Africa’s most unforgettable sights.

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“We have a number of honeymoon packages that cater for a wide range of budgets – from modest budgets to unlimited budgets – but this trip offers a degree of romance that is truly priceless.”

As if that was not enough, there are a number of exclusive extras available to add on, to make the trip even more special.

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Safari Honeymoon Africa

Guests can splash out on lavish souvenirs and gifts, including as a bottle of vintage Dom Pérignon (£1500), a Swarovski NC2 night vision telescope (£4700) for evening safaris and the exotic Kopi Luwak coffee (approx. £165 per kilo), which sees the coffee beans being eaten and digested by the Asian palm civet or ‘toddy cat’.

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5 Star Honeymoons Lake View

Philanthropic couples looking to leave a meaningful mark on the continent can choose to do so in a number of ways – whether it’s sponsoring the relocation of a rhino from South Africa to Botswana to help protect the species from threat of extinction due to poachers and the rhino horn trade (£26,500), or donating to the Environmental Education Centre, to aid in the development of Singita Sasakwa’s future leaders (£4,700).

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