How to Safely Store Your False Eyelashes After Your Big Day

Perfect for adding some extra presence to your eye makeup, false eyelashes are a quick and simple way to enhance your appearance.

Just like other makeup accessories, false eyelashes last longer when you clean and store them carefully. Below, we’ve covered how you can safely store your false eyelashes for a longer life and better appearance.

How to Safely Store Your False Eyelashes After Your Big Day

Stick to reputable false eyelash brands

First of all, it’s important to stick to high quality, reputable false eyelash brands. While it’s easy to find ultra-cheap false eyelashes online, many of these are made using low quality materials that are prone to tearing and falling apart.

Reliable brands to look for include Lilly Lashes, Doll Beauty and Ardell, all of which are available online. All of these brands offer a good mix of affordability and quality, meaning you won’t need to replace your false eyelashes as often as you would with cheaper, lower quality brands.

How to Safely Store Your False Eyelashes After Your Big Day

Peel your false eyelashes off carefully

The easiest way to damage your false eyelashes is to peel them off carelessly. Instead of using a lot of pressure to pull your false eyelashes off from your eyelids, gently peel them off from the outer edge, using only enough pressure to remove them from your eyelids.

To make this process as simple as possible, it’s best to use a light amount of eyelash glue. Too much adhesive can mean you’ll need to apply more pressure when you’re removing your false eyelashes, increasing your risk of tearing or breaking them.

Remove extra adhesive before storing your lashes

It’s easy for eyelash adhesive to stick to your false eyelashes after you’ve removed them from your eyelids. Over time, this adhesive can build up and harden, making it more challenging to put your false eyelashes on in the future.

After you’ve removed your false eyelashes, check for any extra adhesive. If your eyelash glue has stuck to the lash band, try gently peeling it off with your fingernail. You can also gently use tweezers to remove extra adhesive if grabbing it with your fingernails isn’t possible.


Clean your false eyelashes regularly

Even if you peel off extra adhesive after every wear, it’s easy for dust, makeup and adhesive to build up on your false eyelashes over time. The easiest way to get rid of this is to regularly clean your false eyelashes in warm water.

To clean your lashes, fill up a small bowl with warm water, then add a drop or two of washing-up liquid. Gently clean the false eyelashes, making sure you don’t damage the band, then let them dry before you wear them again.

Store your false eyelashes inside the half-moon tray

How to Safely Store Your False Eyelashes After Your Big Day

Most false eyelashes come inside a storage tray — an enclosed tray with two half-moon shaped storage areas. If you want your false eyelashes to last for as long as possible, it’s important that you store them inside this tray when you’re not wearing them.

After you’ve cleaned your lashes (or, if they’re not too dirty, peeled away the extra adhesive), it’s best to store them back inside the tray, with each lash against the half-moon shape. This helps the lashes maintain their curved shape, making them easier to apply to your eyelids.