5 Star Weddings Talks To L’Occitane’s Beauty Expert

Emma Thomson gives us the lowdown on how brides can get glowing skin and blemish free backs with L’Occitanes luxurious product range.

5 Star Weddings: Tell us a bit more about L’Occitane products and what makes them so popular?

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Emma Thomson:: L’Occitane products use wonderful natural ingredients grown mainly in France, combining the most advanced skincare technology with natural and organic ingredients, to produce luxurious products which are perfect for pampering yourself.

5 Star Weddings: What are L’Occitane’s best sellers at the moment?

Emma Thomson: Our award winning Shea Butter range, is selling really well it completely transforms dry, dehydrated skin. The Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Lotion is flying off the shelves at the moment and our award-winning Shea Butter Hand Cream is sold every 4 seconds around the world!

5 Star Weddings: L’Occitane has a wonderfully varied range of body products – what star product would you recommend to brides?

Emma Thomson: Our wonderful Cherry Blossom Shimmering lotion combines light diffusing mother of pearl in a super light lotion to give a natural sheen to shoulders and décolleté. We also have a gorgeous Lavender collection, including a Foaming Bath, to keep any nerves at bay and help you relax.

5 Star Weddings: What body pampering advice can you give to our brides prior to their big day?

Emma Thomson: Some brides expose bits that can be a bit neglected like their back. Make a list of areas you need to focus on and exfoliate and moisturise them every day for 2 weeks before. For a back you can even apply a purifying mask to clear any blemishes. L’Occitane’s Almond Firming and Slimming range is also a great way to prepare for your big day and honeymoon, a good all over body treatment is Almond Delightful Shape.

5 Star Weddings: You have some men’s products also – any grooming tips for husbands-to-be?

Emma Thomson: Apart from making sure eyebrows are tamed! What you don’t want on your big day is razor burn, using our Cade Shaving Cream calms redness and keeps skin supple and protected. L’Occitane Verdon Energy Moisturiser and Instant Energy Eye Gel Roll-On will keep the groom’s skin looking and feeling fresh.

5 Star Weddings: What’s the most common beauty query you get from customers?

Emma Thomson: Everyone wants to boost their skin’s radiance, we eternally get asked how to give skin glow. My answer for dull, urban skin is massage it every other night with a gorgeous skin oil like our Immortelle Organic Regenerating Concentrate. Massage 5 drops of oil in gentle circular movements starting from the chin and working upwards, it boosts circulation and gives your skin the rosy glow we are all looking for.

5 Star Weddings: L’Occitane originates from the very beautiful area of Provence in France -have you got any recommendations for our honeymooners going to this area?

Emma Thomson: It really is a heavenly location, Provence is perfect for those looking for a peaceful location with great hotels. If you visit in June you can even visit the incredible Lavender fields near Manosque where we get our Organic Lavender from. Visit here for more info – www.fantasticprovence.com

5 Star Weddings: What essentials should a bride take with her in her honeymoon beauty bag?

Emma Thomson: Our Lavender Relaxing Roll-On is perfect to pop in your handbag, use on pulse points and temples to calm, relax and reduce headaches. Some other great travel essentials include: Shea Butter Travel hand and Foot Creams (30ml), 100% Pure Mini Shea Butter 8ml (which can be used on any dry skin, lips, hair ends to tame frizz and eyebrows! Multi-use perfection!) and Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume (10ml)

5 Star Weddings: What’s the best bit about being L’Occitane’s training manager and beauty expert?

Emma Thomson: I love learning all the great stories about our ingredients and being able to pass this onto our passionate staff, it is a real privilege. I also get lots of lovely products to try at home, pure bliss!

5 Star Weddings: What in your opinion, makes a 5 Star Wedding?

Emma Thomson: Good friends and a bit of sun helps!

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