A hard days night – The War of the McCartney’s

Sir Paul & HeatherIt was the most talked about divorce, since the split of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The courts had asked the McCartney’s to reach a financial agreement, however, it was the judge who was to give the final settlement to each of them.

From his £800 million. Sir Paul’s first offer for Heather was a healthy £15.8 million, but Heather actually wanted £125 million. She finally agreed to £24.3 million, and this is what she took home. Heather, claimed that their daughter Beatrice, four, would now “have to travel ‘B’ class while her father travels ‘A’ class”. For some reason, I think that her daughter or herself will never travel “B class” with the money she gets from Sir Paul. I think she should be happy with what she got from the final settlement, after all, look how much Sir Paul made before he even met her! Hey, that is just my opinion, what do you think?

I think my next topic will be on Prenuptial Agreements…