Choosing your wedding flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers

Where to start when choosing your blooms..


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Perfect for spring bouquets are Orchids, they are a sign of beauty. Phalaenopsis Orchids are large flowers that really make a statement while Cattleya Orchids are beautiful for romantic weddings as they are usually white with shades of pink or lavender in the center. Anemone represents unfading love and a ray of colours including brilliant reds, pinks and purples, while daffodils range from yellows to whites and are great for center Pieces.

Robbie Honey
Robbie Honey


Ideal for summer months are forget-me-not and Stephanotis. Small blue flowers with short stems, representing true love. Forget-me knots are great for filling bouquets with colour while Stephanotis are white, waxy flowers that make excellent button holes. Chrysanthemums are colourful daisy like blooms that come in a range of sixes. The lime green satin variety is perfect for complimenting bright bouquet. Carnations are a symbol of good health and energy, while sunflowers are always a summer favorite.


This autumn is all about the vintage look; faded pinks are really in this season and create an amazing look. The pink illusion Rose looks amazing in bouquets. For a mellow autumn wedding you could go for Gladiolus that come in a warm, soft peach colour or a bright exotic bird of paradise for a more dramatic look. Honeysuckle is a symbol of generosity and devoted affection, while white heather represents protection. Arcacia little yellow flowers that represent friendship and secret passion.

Robbie Honey
Robbie Honey


For those who are having a winter wedding. Holly berries, snowdrop and deep red roses add a touch of winter glamor to bouquets or arrangements lilac has a wonderful scent and brightens up centerpieces while red poinsettia go wonderful with mixed Tulips and roses. During winter there is often less choice when it comes to flowers but mixtures of foliage and berries look great and create a real winter wedding!

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