The Pros and Cons of Prenuptial Agreements

Many times the reasonable question arises, whether human relationships are based on logic or emotion. Especially in a marriage where the symbiosis is not only emotional but also financial, things can be mainly problematic … Lawmakers around the world, however, have tried based on the legal system of each country to “codify” the marital relationship with a prenuptial contract that covers pretty much anything required. 

pre nup

Nowadays depending on where you live, you can settle the relationships with the other half in a legal framework which will cover, at least in theory that everything will be going well! Thus one can commit in writing that after the wedding will not get fat or, in a more complicated situation, he can determine his economic relations. So if you are one of those who believes that human relations and in particular marital relationships are based just on feelings, you are misled. 

Maybe the marriage is still considered the happiest ending of a relationship, but statistics show that the predominant result of a wedding today is divorce.  This means that cohabitation is difficult because everyday life can bring us down to earth abnormally. Thus, despite the hope of a “creative synthesis” of the Ego to “We” often a separation intervenes, and the procedure of divorce varies in battle.  The law, therefore, provides under the legal umbrella for agreements on assets but in some cases also on personal relationships to formally protect both spouses.

Today, however, although a marriage contract does not seem romantic, it is considered necessary since many argue that it contributes to a harmonious relationship. A couple, after the marriage proposal in the moonlight, regulates the prenuptial agreement, which takes place one month before the wedding and especially before sending invitations, in order to make sure that in the case of a divorce there will be no irrational demands that will hurt the financial condition of each person, and more importantly that the personality of each one of the couple will not be derogated. The legal coverage, adds to the marriage status and given the written promises the couple ensure that they will avoid certain behaviours or will regulate the administration of their finances as required. 

Obviously, there are many cons against prenup agreements. There are some necessary conditions, which obviously have nothing to do with the desired romance and love. The couple needs to distance from feeling reasonably involved; they also need to hire a good lawyer, and more importantly, they need to know exactly what they want from their life but mainly from the life of one another … as for the thoughts «every man grows freely side by side», they should be avoided as outdated. 

The wedding needs to be faced as a labour agreement or a policy of life assurance based on logic and rationality. The prenup agreement is an effort for better and more open communication in the family. Thus it cannot sound very romantic, but it may keep the love and understanding within a couple alive for more.  

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