An Interview with Rosalind Miller Elegant Cakes

I recently caught up with Rosalind owner of Peggy’s Cupcakes. As I was fascinated to know how Rosalind creates her exquisitely decorated stylish couture wedding cakes, and cupcakes.

1. Do you have a favourite cupcake design for 2010?

Yes, the “Marie Antoinette Collection” are my favourites. These Madagascan Vanilla cupcakes are first iced with a layer of scrumptious vanilla buttercream and a covering of sugar fondant. Each cupcake is then individually decorated with intricate hand-piped icing and adorned with edible gold lustre dust.

2. How would you describe your style?

Elegant, classic yet contemporary, and romantic

3. When should a bride book for her wedding cake?

Really as soon as they have decided on the theme/decorations/style for their wedding. It’s important to book a cake designer early as they can only take on so many cakes each week, and your first choice may be booked up for your wedding date, especially for summer weddings.

4. What is the most memorable cake you have created?

A 3 tier wedding cake, each tier being a double height which had over 500 handmade white sugar flowers as decoration, including tulips, roses and blossoms. It was a beautiful extravaganza of sugar flowers

5. Have you had any unusual requests?

I had a request for cupcakes for someone who was obsessed with “Domo Kun”, a cute yet fierce looking Japanese character. I made the characters in sugar paste, all in different poses, which sat on top of the cupcakes

To see some of Peggy’s Cupcakes Rosalind Miller Elegant Cakes