Drift Off For A Night Of Sweet Dreams

Sleep, or, more importantly, a lack of sleep, is one of the most common modern health complaints. In the UK a staggering fifth of the population suffer sleeping problems at some time in their lives, and only a measly 1 in 10 of us think we regularly sleep well. Simple things like winding down before bedtime, avoiding certain foods and drinks, and a bedtime routine can help, however for many people these techniques just aren’t enough. Traditional medication can become ineffective if taken in the long term and can be addictive, so many people turn to natural remedies.

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Relax Me

Thankfully a new solution has just arrived in the UK, RelaxMel, a 100% natural product made by the humble honeybee. Fed a special diet of powerful herbs, the bees produce a honey product which incorporates the active ingredients from these herbs which then act to balance the body, calm and balance the nervous system, stabilise sleep patterns and ease the mind of worries and tension.

This great new formula can also soothe and reduce hypertension, and help combat the symptoms of stress. With exam season on the horizon a spoonful of honey could help millions of stressed out students drift off for a well needed night of sleep!

The herbs in the feed for the RelaxMel bees include:

• Passion Flower – a natural sedative commonly used to treat insomnia in traditional medicine

• Lavender – naturally carminative and seditive, this plant has significant properties in soothing the nervous system

• Oats – another natural sedative shown to help combat fatigue associated with insomnia

• Agnus-castus – a natural sedative

• Golden hop – a natural sedative, widely used in traditional medicine for a wide variety of problems including insomnia and stress

Within 30 minutes of taking RelaxMel the soothing effects start to take effect, and more severe problems will be improved within a week. To experience the full effects, RelaxMel should be taken on an ongoing basis to relax your mind and body and promote healthy sleep.

RelaxMel is available from health food stores nationwide and costs £20 for a 120g jar.