The Most Unique Wedding Favours

If you are looking for a wedding gift, wedding thank you presents or even luxury wedding favours for your guests then here is the perfect solution. Ashleigh & Burwood of London’ are delighted to announce its heavenly new fragrance lamp designs and fresh new lamp fragrances.

Ashleigh Burwood Fragrance Lamps
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Ashleigh & Burwood of London’s new products being launched within their Fragrance Lamp collection for Spring/Summer 2013 are a delight to behold and make stunning interior design accessories. Available in both small and large sizes in the popular glass mosaic style, new lamp designs, include ‘Leopardess’, ‘Awen’, ‘Rubellite’, ‘Asrai’, ‘Cougar’, ‘Seductress’ and ‘Blue Bird’.

Seductress Lamp: As if burning coals were within, the red and gold clusters formed in the mosaic pattern if this tempting lamp, breaks the intense mood set by the arrangement of the black and silver mosaic pieces adorning it. Classically shaped, it is the femme fatale of Fragrance Lamps.

Blue Bird Lamp: With colours of steely blue and dusky orange just like the bird which inspired it’s name, this lamp is a true delight. Sparkling coloured glass mosaic pieces come together on this ball shaped lamp to create another lamp design which is sure to be a fly away success.

Each of the seven new lamp designs have been crafted with care and meticulously designed to the very highest standards.

Ashleigh Burwood Fragrance Lamps
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New Lamp fragrances for the season include the fresh floral scents of Lily of the Valley and Wild Iris, as well as Oud Night Tea which provides contrast with its rich spicy accord.

Ashleigh Burwood Perfumed Lamps
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OUD NIGHT TEA – Rich and woody, the seductive scent of oud is infused with explosions of zesty lemon, grapefruit and bergamot. Subtle notes of patchouli, vanilla and musk give underlying elements of warmth to this exquisite fragrance.

LILY OF THE VALLEY – Capturing the essence of pure white lily bells, floral notes of jasmine and ylang ylang compliment perfectly. At its heart a watery character is created by notes of hyacinth, lily of the valley and jasmine petals, is underpinned by an unexpected splash of dark musk and tangy sweetness.

WILD IRIS – A striking floral bouquet of wild iris and freesia entwined with tones of uplifting bergamot. This palette of floral excellence is tempered by notes of crisp lily and sweet violet petals.

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