Member Spotlight: Stephanie Stevens Jewellery
Member Spotlight: Stephanie Stevens Jewellery

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Stevens Jewellery

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We love finding out more about our 5 Star Wedding Directory suppliers and were delighted to learn about Stephanie Stevens Jewellery and how she finds her inspiration to make beautiful pieces.

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Stevens JewelleryWhat is the story behind Stephanie Stevens Jewellery?

As a person I thrive in helping others, I always want to do whatever I can to make other people happy. My main slogan is ‘jewellery with a meaning’ this has always been the case growing up, I loved jewellery but would only buy it if there was a meaning behind the purchase. Each of my collections are named in the Cornish language and has a meaning of why I made it. Making wedding and engagement rings made me even more passionate about my job, I am able to help couples design and create two of the most important rings in their lives that they will cherish forever

Where does the design inspiration come from in your work?

When I first started making jewellery my inspiration was always from my surroundings. I live in St.Ives, Cornwall which has the most amazing coastal scenery and is known for its artistic influences.

Now the inspiration comes from each couple that I work with. Every ring is designed around the wearer, their personality, their memories and always finished off with a hint of Cornwall from me.

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Stevens Jewellery

What sort of bride and groom would this appeal to?

This would appeal to couples who want rings that are designed around them, made with quality and hold lots of memories. They don’t just want a ring off the shelf that everyone else has, they want a ring that is made especially and uniquely for them.

How important are wedding rings when planning a wedding?

As you will know your wedding rings are extremely important when it comes to getting married, you say your vows over them, they are a symbol or your love and marriage. Your rings are also very important as they are with you long after your wedding day, they are part of you, something you wear everyday so they need to be made with quality and meaning.

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Stevens JewelleryWhat makes Stephanie Stevens Jewellery so unique and special?

Not only do I help couples design and create their rings, but I always take them on an unforgettable experience. When I am making the rings I take them on the making journey by sending them photos and sometimes videos of their rings being made. This really helps them see how their rings are being made and the process in what I have done to get them to the finished piece. This is by far one of the most important and exciting parts of the journey that my couples enjoy the most.

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Stevens Jewellery

What is your number one golden rule for couples when they embark on choosing their wedding ring designer?

The most important thing to remember is that your ring is going be on your hand for the rest of your life and even be handed down as an heirloom.  Make sure the ring represents you and you are able to look at your ring to remind you of memories.

What ways can a ring be made bespoke for a couple wanting to add their own personal touch?

There are lots of different ways to make the ring bespoke to them, but the best one I have done in the past is having each others finger prints hand-engraved on the inside of the rings.

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Stevens Jewellery

What are the most common difficulties couples run into when organising their wedding rings?

The biggest struggle couples face is knowing what metal is go for. I work in nine different metals and they all have their pros and cons. I usually get to know the couple a bit more to find out what they do for a living and what their hobbies are. This way it gives me a better idea of what metal would be the best fit for their lifestyle.

What sort of rings is Stephanie Stevens Jewellery best known for designing and supplying?

The most popular design I work on is curved wedding rings, with all the lovely unique engagement rings that are being made, plain bands don’t sit flush against them. I help my brides design a curved ring that will sit perfectly next to their engagement ring to make them look like they were made to match.

Member Spotlight: Stephanie Stevens JewelleryIn your opinion, what makes a 5 star wedding?

A 5 star wedding is when the couple have enjoyed their wedding planning, knowing they have chosen the right suppliers for them and they have had the most amazing day that will give them memories to cherish forever.

You can find out more about Stephanie Stevens by visiting her listing on our directory.