Personalizing your Luxury Wedding Venue with your own Ideas

Personalizing your Luxury Wedding Venue with your own Ideas

If you have booked into a luxury wedding venue you will probably find that they have gone out of their way to decorate your wedding location so that you don’t have to. However, that is no substitute for adding your own stamp to the décor to make the venue feel truly yours for the duration. How to decorate a luxury wedding venue is obviously going to depend how much you actually need to do, what time of year it is, and take into account any restrictions the management might have.

blankAroma of Fresh Flowers
One decoration I would always use is fresh flowers. Whilst the silk flowers nowadays are lovely, both realistic and attractive, they can never take the place of fresh flowers, especially if you choose those that are highly scented. If I was focusing on how to decorate a luxury wedding venue I would place a large bowl of highly scented fresh flowers on a table immediately inside the venue. Directly across the room, at a diagonal distance from the highly scented flowers I would ensure the wedding cake can be seen.

This is very subtle, but as guests stand up after bending over to smell the flowers, the first thing they take in is the glorious wedding cake, on its stand, awaiting guests’ acclamation. Regardless of how much you have available to spend on décor, if I was advising anybody on how to decorate a luxury wedding venue, I would buy armfuls of exquisitely scented flowers and dot them around the room in bowls, one per table . The aroma from these flowers subtly entices guests to begin to relax.

Drab Table Settings
If you put thought into how to decorate a luxury wedding venue the effect you achieve can be a phenomenal success. As an example, visualize a venue set out with round tables that have white paper tablecloths on and seats with no decoration at all. The overall effect is rather drab and reminiscent of that cup-of-tea-after-the-service at church! It certainly isn’t going to make a grand impression on the guests as they begin to walk into the venue! However, if you arrange a pre-cut circle of tulle on each of the tables, over the top of those drab white paper tablecloths you will have made a start. Now, if those tulle circles match the color of the bridesmaids’ outfits you will have cracked it!

Using Tulle
The effect will be quite dramatic. Tulle is not even particularly expensive which is just as well when you have already blown your budget on armfuls of fresh flowers. It is important to remember that the tulle circles need to be placed over the top of the paper tablecloths, the reason being is that tulle is very ‘scratchy’ and you don’t want guests complaining about scratched knees or snagged tights. In most luxury venues the seats will already have been draped in white cover but this hardly counts as decoration – it still looks rather drab. You could, of course, make bows from tulle. Whilst this will look lovely and the effect will be great, you still need to take into account the clothes the wedding guests are wearing.

The trouble with tulle is that it snags on everything, including the guests’ clothes. You certainly don’t want to end up with a bill for expensive clothes that have been ruined: hardly a good recommendation on how to decorate a luxury wedding venue! The tables really do look lovely with their tulle top-coat on so, it is time for a similar treatment with the chairs. You need to cut crepe paper, in the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses to match the tulle colors on the tablecloths. When you buy crepe paper it comes ready-folded. You can cut across the width of each packet of crepe paper without opening the pack: just slide off the label sleeve and then cut the pack into three. That is enough for three bows.

Crepe Paper
Now open out the paper and stand behind each chair. Keeping the crepe paper open on the chair back, begin to tie a huge bow at the back of each chair. Once you have done a few you will be astonished at the effect something as simple as crepe paper has made. This may only be a simple trick when learning how to decorate a luxury wedding venue, but the effect is stunning once you have finished decorating all the chairs. Apart from the colors, the reason for the crepe paper is that, firstly, it drapes beautifully when you stretch it slightly and, secondly, it is very strong so that even when the guests are rubbing backwards and moving about, the crepe paper will stand the treatment.

Avoid Red Paper
Now, a final tip on how to decorate a luxury wedding venue: only use pastel shades of crepe paper. This is because, if you are using one of the dark, primary colors, when a guest is leaning back against the chair and rubbing their back against the crepe paper, there is going to be contact with the paper. If the guest is hot and their back is sweating this is going to cause the color to leach into the back of their clothes, or even onto their skin. For this reason, when decorating any venue with crepe paper, never use bright red!?

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